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  • Primal supplements?

    I'm somewhat new to the primal life, so I'm still kind of shaky on a few things. I've got the diet basics down; healthy fats and REAL foods are my best friend! However, I'm still severely constipated and suffer from acne, so something is still going wrong. I've never given the supplements/vitamins I take much thought, so I just wanted to hear your guys' opinions.

    Yes, I'm on an antibiotic, which I'm sure has done a number on my digestive tract. My acne is so bad that my dermatologist practically insisted on it. I was initially taking 100mg twice a day, but that made me insanely nauseated so he allowed me to lower it to 100mg once a day, which I have been sustaining for the past 3 months. I had an appointment just the other day where I practically begged him to let me discontinue them completely, but he strongly suggested that I just lower it to 50mg once a day, and see how that affects my skin.

    I technically haven't started taking the magnesium yet; it actually just arrived in the mail today. After reading this article: 5 Steps to Cure Constipation Naturally - Empowered Sustenance, I ordered it immediately. I've heard great things about magnesium on here too, so I can't wait to give it a try. Plus, I have been taking melatonin every night for the past year or so, which I just recently learned isn't great for your hormones, so I will be replacing that with the magnesium, which also helps with sleep (killing two birds with one stone ).

    What are your guys' honest opinions on what I'm taking? Are all of these good quality/necessary? Any others I should be taking? Thank you so much!

    Multivitamin: Standard Process - Catalyn® GF
    1 with each meal.

    Antibiotic: Minocycline
    50mg, taken with a glass of water immediately after dinner. (Those were my dermatologist's instructions to help avoid nausea-- is taking a glass of water right after I finish eating doing anything to the digestive acids in my stomach?)

    1/4 tsp dissolved in 1/2 cup water, taken 15 minutes before breakfast.

    Magnesium: Vitacost Natural Tranquility
    2 tsp dissolved in water, taken before bed.
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    Hi there!
    If you want my honest opinion...

    drop the antibiotic completely, take some zinc instead (new chapter or garden of life are good brands). What do you use topically?

    As far as your probiotic goes, it's ok but it's pretty weak and it looks as if there's only one strain. You could take more of it and be fine, but you might consider switching it. I really like Garden of life's raw probiotics.

    Your multi looks OK, but it's very limited in what vitamins/minerals it has. Doesn't seem complete IMO.

    If you want some advice on good topical things, let me know. But let me know what you use/what you've tried/what works/what hasn't
    I never know what to put in these things. I write songs!