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Type 1 Diabetes and Ketones

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  • Type 1 Diabetes and Ketones

    Hello all,

    I'm a type 1 diabetic since age 5, and recently went Primal (and extremely low carb - 0-30g per day). Sometimes I find that after a heavy workout (usually lifting, or HIIT), my glucose levels spike and I begin to develop ketones. I give myself insulin manually, and they go away after a few hours. I know that ketones are usually a healthy/normal thing, but I'm not sure if that's still the case with type 1. Should I be worried about developing ketones after working? Should I be worried about not having ketones normally? (With the very low carbohydrate levels, I don't want my brain to be starving or anything)


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    Hi Sam. I've been type 1 since age 6 (28 now). The only time you need to worry about ketones is if your BG levels are very high. What numbers are you getting? The ketones you get when you're high (which lead to deadly ketoacidosis) aren't the same as the ones you get from carb restriction. My bg spikes after exercise too for some reason. You need to stop your BG levels from spiking though.


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      Thank you!


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        surely this is something you should discuss with your doctor?


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          (Another type 1 here)

          Ketosis and ketoacidosis are two different animals. Ketosis just means burning fat -- every single person in the world losing weight, low carb or not, will have some kind of ketones in their urine. Ketoacidosis is when you're burning fat because your body CAN'T get any other fuel -- ie, no insulin to push sugar into cells.

          Basically, the amount of ketones (usually) produced by LC or VLC are not "large" -- from what I've been reading, it's only when there's a HUGE amount of ketones in the blood that the body becomes acidic.


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            I realize this thread is very old, but I just wanted to say I'm grateful to find other type 1s in this forum. This is a helpful thread--thank you!