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  • Primal Pooches?

    I've got a 4 year old border collie. I've always given her bones every week or so and on occasion cook her up some ground beef or eggs but 80% of her food is TJ's kibble, which as far as dog food goes is pretty good. She's very healthy and pretty lean. There's no way we're going to 100% primal but I'm thinking of trying for 50%. Has anyone out there tried this? I definitely can't swing grass fed for her but I figure that buying conventional isn't a big deal because I'm sure the beef, lamb, and chicken in her kibble is conventional anyway.

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    i vascillate beween 100% raw and the TJ's premium kibble.

    I used to do RMB's/BARF for the dogs but am fairly convinced that they are supposed to eat, like we are, mostly muscle and organ meat. I still feed some crunchy bones like the occasional chicken neck, chicken back, whole raw mackerel etc. Long weight bearing bones are best avoided as they can absolutely crack teeth. Neck bones, oxtail etc are fine.

    I used to be insanely OCD about ratios and nutrient analysis - no longer. I give heart and muscle most often (dark meat, fish) some organs....liver rarely.

    I make sure she gets midday summer sunning time. On the summer days that are too hot, or if it's mid-sept to mid-may (atlanta) and sufficient D production isn't possible, I give 400 IU vitamin d3 per 10 lbs body weight (just like I do with the humans in the house).


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      Thanks Katherine, good to know. Hadn't thought about the teeth cracking. I've been feeding her lots of beef ribs but I'll got softer in the future.


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        I feed my version of the 'prey model'. A chicken quarter, a bit of beef heart, some liver every few days, an egg. Etc. All raw.

        Think of what your dog would eat if she was hungry and in the woods. She'd grab a rabbit, eat the gut first, then chew on bones, fur, head, etc.

        Don't worry about macro...just like you wouldn't for you.

        My guys are happy, healthy, no stinky breath or poo!

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        Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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          you do rabbit?


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            I am looking at picking up a couple of rabbits from my coop on one of our upcoming orders, yes. Curious to see if my two will play with them and for how long before they realize it's food.
            Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!