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Are your BP goals necessarily related to weight loss/being smaller etc.?

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  • Are your BP goals necessarily related to weight loss/being smaller etc.?

    I have a problem with my own goals. Since I am overweight and have been for most of my life, the BP seemed a welcome tool to get smaller. The more and more I am thinking about it and redefining HEALTHY, the less I am focused on weight loss as the ultimate goal, but as a probable by product so to speak.

    Does accepting who you are/what you look like and strive for a healthy life equate to giving up in a way? Can we be full on BP Grokers and Grokettes and still have too much "insulation" going on?

    Questions over questions on a very early rainy Saturday morning from beautiful Austria.

    Comments are most welcome.

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    My goals are blood sugar control and blood sugar control. Everything else is secondary and a nice side effect, but not necessary. I started this journey nine months ago; to date I've dropped 86 pounds (started at 397).

    It's not "giving up" when you reject the CW about what "healthy" looks like, you know.
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      I have it in my head that if I treat my body optimally, it will eventually get to be it's optimal condition. Weight, size, strength, health status ...

      It's hard not to have concrete goals. I have to work until I'm 60. I want to be healthy enough to enjoy my retirement.


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        My goal is homeostasis, I have an idea of what that looks like but it's probably misconstrued. I figure we are not meant to look like fitness models, and our bodies want to store body fat for when we need it, but fortunately we live in a society where extreme famine is not in the near horizon so I'm going to be a little vain and go for that fitness model look. I have a few reasons why, and some are more superficial than others:

        a) I've gotten close by CW means, but never quite there, this is my chance, I can feel it.
        b) I want to fight for my Muay Thai gym, there isn't a body fat % requirement, but all our fighters fall into the lower teens for males, some even single digits. I want to get there myself then enter fight training.
        c) I do believe having too much excess body fat is unhealthy.
        d) Others have done it, why can't I? I refuse to sit back on this one even if it's not exactly what our genes want.

        I didn't find the PB being riddled with illnesses (luckily, of course) so my primary goal wasn't to stop getting migraines because I never had them, or control my blood sugar (I've never even gotten it checked out) my primary reason was to lose weight. Lost 20lbs (174-154) and I still have about 5-10 to go, I can't estimate it any better than that, only time will tell. Will I ever be done? probably not, otherwise I'll stop doing, and I don't want to stop being active and looking after myself.
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          My main goal is to be as healthy as possible to cut down to a mimimum my chance of getting sick and to be as strong as possible to fight off any infections.

          My secondary goal is to put on at least fifteen kilos of muscle.
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            The way I eat is purely for health... how much I eat is for weight goals, whether it's to gain or to lose.
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              Mine has nothing to do with body weight. Right now I have 20 lbs to lose, but I just had a baby 2 weeks ago. Normally I'm 5'4 and 110 lbs so my body weight is already pretty low. For me I do this because my EDS has destroyed my body and the Primal way of living is restoring that.
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