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Low heart rate freaking me out

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  • Low heart rate freaking me out

    I've been on and off the Paleo wagon in the past 9 months or so, but have been 99% gluten free since June. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I'm fully back on the wagon in the past two weeks, because I wasn't well; insomnia came back. I got nausea and backpain after eating anything and dizzy etc. Btw, I'm at my ideal weight and although I don't exercise or even walk nearly enough, I try to take good care of myself with mostly wholefoods, lots of veg and quality meat & fish and some supplements to top up diagnosed deficiencies.

    I feel much better already, but my heart rate is freaking me out a little. It's quite slow, yet my blood pressure is borderline high. My resting heart rate at night in bed is 47bpm, where a few months ago it wouldn't be lower than 55bpm. This would make sense if I was an athlete, but I exercise once a week, tops. I don't walk much (I will improve ). I know a slow heart rate is a side-effect of an underative thyroid, but I just had it tested and thyroid levels are not just in the normal range, but on the perfect side of normal. If my heart was doing its job well, I wouldn't be cold so often, get what feels like bad circulation and pins & needles etc. all the time. So if it's not the thyroid, what could be going on?

    And my blood pressure is 118/89. Systolic is fine, diastolic is borderline high. Sidenote; I'm aware and admit that I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, but I still do think I should explore this issue, not just let it be.

    Any thoughts/opinions?

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    Are you feeling symptomatic with the lower heart rate? Dizziness, blurred vision? Do you feel lightheaded when you stand up? If you have none of that, it would be improper to treat the heart rate. It could be your body compensating for your borderline blood pressure issue, it could also be just your natural set point. If you are a bit of a hypochondriac your B/P could be high due to that. It's also called white coat syndrome. Certain medications can also alter your heart rate. If you have been put on a Beta blocker for example. Those would be drugs that in the USA would have a name that ends in an OL, such as Metoprolol, or Atenolol. Not sure if the Aussie names are the same or not.


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      Maybe you're getting better at relaxing?

      My resting heart rate has never been terribly constant. I blame my body's terrible electrolyte management issues.
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        I'm not on any medications, besides Thyroxine for the thyroid disease. I do feel a bit lightheaded, especially when I stand up and often feel like I have bad circulation in the extremities.

        Could very well be that my blood pressure is due to me stressing about my health issues, I just can't seem to keep my mind off it. Every time I get a new symptom, I freak out, which leads to another symptom and so on...

        If it is my body's set point, then it's slowly lowering over time. Maybe I am getting better at relaxing, but I don't feel relaxed atm


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          You BP is perfect. Your heart rate is indeed a bit low but what does it do when you are working or walking? is it normal then?
          Some people have naturally a lower heart rate. I noticed that my heart rate is lower on Primal was as well, I think it's a natural reaction to the lower levels of carbs.
          A few things you can do:
          - go for a good walk and check your heart rate, if it goes right up to normal than I shouldn't be too worried.
          - take a few days to eat a bit more carbs. like fruits and many dark chocolate. see if this influences your heart rate. if it does then perhaps eating abit more carbs before going to bed would be an idea.
          - for the dizziness when you get up you should try to do a few low level exercises in bed to get your blood flowing. stay horizontal and lift your legs a little, or just flex your muscles. move your legs and arms go get your heart going a bit before getting up.

          If you are still worried, go to your doctor and have him check you out. Stress is never a good thing
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            You may want to chart your body temperature:
            Metabolic Temperature Graph

            If your heart rate is that low and you're cold, it seems to me that your thyroid function is not optimal. Have you checked free T3 and antibodies?
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              Definitely consult your endocrinologist. It does sound like your Thyroid. Maybe the change in diet has caused a need for a change in medication dosage. I'm not real well versed on endocrinology, so I will stop here before I lead you astray.


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                is this new for you, or has your heart rate always been this way?