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Reprogramming the brain against binge eating

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  • Reprogramming the brain against binge eating

    This is interesting

    Research Reveals You Can Reprogram Your Brain Against Binge Eating And Sugar Cravings

    Pity it wasn't more in depth.

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    Interesting article ~ thanks for sharing!


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      Hmm the 'brain circuit' part and having 2 separate parts for healthy and unhealthy eating sounds weird to me. I would have to ask depending on the method they use what other effects shutting down that pathway could have, knowing scientists they would probably do it some stupid way using drugs or something.

      But the article does contain 1 big hint that may not be noticed unless you've worked with this stuff before.

      Compulsive behavior is also triggered by a negative event
      First there is subconscious reasons why somebody holds onto or gains weight, it may be events from when they were a child where they developed coping mechanisms or it may be that you were fine and then one day had a big traumatic event and then put on alot of weight. I had both of these personally.

      Usually it's a pattern of events that are all stacked up on top of each other.. so you're holding onto the pain/trauma/emotions of these past events.. you've created negative beliefs about yourself and coping mechanisms and that is usually expressed in this case by eating unhealthy, eating way too much and not being able to change your eating for any amount of time. Aswell as hating exercise and struggling to do it consistently.

      When I went through the process I started getting urges to try healthier foods, like eat vegetables where I didn't for years as I was forced to so had emotions around that.. and I started to like them. Then I tried steak which I didn't eat since I was a kid as i'd choked on it so more emotions around that.. and now I eat both consistently. I could probably improve my eating a little more but it's 1000% better than I ever ate before.

      Before was pizzas, pies, sausage rolls all that crap literally every meal... for the last year and a half i've touched NONE of that. Now I get a little annoyed at myself when I eat stuff like protein bars and kabana but eating a little of that doesn't compare to how unhealthy I was before.

      If you take my experience and how it worked for me, then what they are calling the 'brain circuit' is simply your subconscious programming and when you change that and activate 'new circuits' (e.g program in new beliefs and positive programming) then your mind will go towards that and you will more naturally eat healthily and enjoy exercise. I love working out now where before I hated it!

      I love the primal, raw feeling.. competing against myself.. training hard. Where before i'd do nearly anything to avoid it.

      If anyone is curious about how to do this, I want to coach people from the mind/subconscious side.. so send me a message and let me know and we can get together on skype. For the moment all I want is feedback and hearing back how it goes for you and to get you results so I know I can get results for others like I have for myself.



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        I've heard good things about the "Brain Over Binge" book.


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          Interesting, thanks.. i'll have a look at that book.

          Though I already strongly disagree with most of what they say on the sales page. It's not as simple as just deciding not to eat something when you have the subconscious issues going on.

          But i'm open to new information still
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            I haven't read it, but some internet friends from other forums gave it a thumbs up ... so ya, maybe find a copy at the library?


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              Brain Over Binge and Rational Recovery. Both are worth a read.