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  • OGTT at home


    I am 38 yr old Male, 5' 5", 200 pounds. Not going thru any major medical issues.

    on Dec 2014, my HbA1c was 6.4. The lab work was done as part of my regular checkup and the Dr asked me to reduce the intake of Carbs (to 50 gms or less per day). And I am following his recommendation with the help of myfitnesspal app.

    For the Presidents Day holiday, I thought I would try Oral Glucose Tolerance Test at home :-)

    I was continue restricting my carb intake max 50 until yesterday. Yesterday Night done with my eating around 10:30pm and started fasting.

    11:27am - 111 mg/dL (Fasting)

    11:34am - 16 oz Grape Juice (Carbs 80 gms [Sugar 78 gms], Calories 320)

    11:54am - 137 (After 20 mins)
    12:14pm - 176 (After 20 mins)
    12:34pm - 190 (After 20 mins)
    1:04pm - 193 (After 30 mins)
    1:34pm - 180 (After 30 mins)
    2:34pm - 102 (After 1 hour)
    3:34pm - 69 (After 1 hour)
    4:34pm - 80 (After 1 hour)
    5:34pm - 86 (After 1 hour)

    I got the idea to perform OGTT from here:

    GTIR Testing - Meridian Valley LabMeridian Valley Lab

    Please provide some inputs as what should be my next steps. I will take these results to my Dr. but not sure he will pay attention or not.



    For comparison purpose:

    My wife also participated with me and her results are here. We are sharing the same glucometer.

    11:22am - 102 mg/dL (Fasting)

    11:29am - 16 oz Grape Juice (Carbs 80 gms [Sugar 78 gms], Calories 320)

    11:49am - 132
    12:09am - 125
    12:29pm - 122
    12:59pm - 108
    1:29pm - 90
    2:29pm - 94
    3:29pm - 96
    4:29pm - 91
    5:29pm - 96

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    Good job on the home OGTT! It's an invaluable tool. Keep the results for later comparison.

    Your results aren't all that bad. Slightly pre-diabetic, but you are making good strides. Really bad would have been a reading of 300 at one hour and 200 at three hours.

    Your 50g/day of carbs may actually be hurting you, though. I'm really surprised a doctor would recommend that approach. At 50g/day, you are bordering on a ketogenic diet. While many have found they like ketosis, it is generally not recommended by doctors, and I personally think they are never called for.

    The issue on BG is that a very low carb diet leads to physiological insulin resistance, or, an inability to effectively deal with ingested carbs due to the fact you don;t need to. Make sense? It would be like trying to keep your heartbeat under 100bpm to prevent a heart attack and then wondering why it shoots up to 250bpm when you get chased by a mean dog.

    Better advice would be to eat almost 0g of refined sugar and flour products, but 100-200g/day of plant-based carbs and yes, even whole grains (think quinoa, teff, oatmeal).

    At 50g or less per day, you are certainly getting very little real fiber. You may end up with a lower HbA1C, but you risk complications from a low-fiber diet such as gut dysbiosis and immune problems.

    Good luck!
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      I just pulled this from wikipedia (sorry, it was quick and accurate)

      Fasting plasma glucose (measured before the OGTT begins) should be below 6.1 mmol/L (110 mg/dL). Fasting levels between 6.1 and 7.0 mmol/L (110 and 125 mg/dL) are borderline ("impaired fasting glycaemia"), and fasting levels repeatedly at or above 7.0 mmol/L (126 mg/dL) are diagnostic of diabetes.

      A 2 hour OGTT glucose level below 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dL) is normal, whereas higher glucose levels indicate hyperglycemia. Blood plasma glucose between 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dL) and 11.1 mmol/L (200 mg/dL) indicate "impaired glucose tolerance", and levels above 11.1 mmol/L (200 mg/dL) at 2 hours confirms a diagnosis of diabetes.

      For the 75g OGTT: Fasting should be below 6.1 mmol/L; 1 hour should be below 10.0 mmol/L; 2 hour should be below 8.5 mmol/L.

      If I remember correctly from my days in grad school giving lots of OGTTs a 75 g sugar drink is the standard so your grape juice was pretty close. As tatertot said the results in and of themselves are not super useful as much more than a starting point and an indicator that you seem to have some insulin resistance going on. But if you continue to lose weight/tinker with your diet/change your exercise and build muscle they are useful as a comparison. OGTT responses can vary quite quickly (as in after a single bout of exercise) - so I would continue with your intervention (50g of CHO a day or not - whatever you chose) and then retest in a month or so. I would also add in strength training if you haven't already. Muscle is the biggest user of blood glucose so the bigger sponge you have to soak it up the less of it there is in your blood stream.


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        Thank you for the response!


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