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    Apologies if recipes like this have already been posted - but I just received my first batch of coconut flour and was very excited to make some non grain pancakes/pikelets.
    This is the recipe that came with the flour and I think originated from Bruce Fife.
    I made these and tried them out on my non primal kids and they gave them a thumbs up.
    This only makes 4 small ones so multiply if you want more.
    2 eggs
    2 Tbs raw milk, yoghurt or coconut cream
    2 Tbs butter or coconut oil melted
    2 Tbs sifted coconut flour
    2 Tbs ground almonds (optional)
    2 Tbs arrowroot (optional)
    pinch of salt
    Beat everything together and cook in the usual way.
    Variations: These are a bit harder to turn so make smaller ones.
    Apple pancakes - add half grated apple and some cinnamon.
    Banana - replace milk with a mashed banana and pinch of nutmeg.
    Cheesy - add a handful of grated cheese.
    Vege - add grated veges such as carrot or zucchini.

    For those living in New Zealand and can't find coconut flour in the shops (I couldn't find it where I live) check out Nature Foods website
    NZ$18 per kg plus postage and certified organic.

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    I made coconut flour yesterday by putting some dessicated coconut in my blender and giving it a whizz. Came out super fine!


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      I made coconut flour pikelets (for one... husband and kids aren't primal) using just:

      1/4 coconut flour
      1 egg
      2 tspn butter
      splash of milk.
      All mixed together and then in the pan with a bit of extra butter.
      Tasted yum but still had the dessicated coconut texture. The extra cream and a little cheat of maple syrup made up for the 'beach' texture.

      Have also done Chickpea Flour pikelets using the same measurements but with (obviously) besan vice coconut flour.
      Also did this with a shake of ground cumin and cinnamon, with finely chopped kale too. Served with creme fraiche and smoked salmon.
      I really enjoyed my breakfast this morning!!!
      I know besan isn't exactly low carb (is about 61% on the site) but at least it isn't a grain.

      Baby steps after all.

      happy cooking all !!!!


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        whoopsi I meant '
        1/4 CUP of coconut flour.....

        my bad.