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Bison Bone broth. Help, please



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  • Bison Bone broth. Help, please

    Just got some bison marrow bones and I want to make some bone broth. I got shank bones with lots of marrow and the bison guy also gave me some joint bones he said have a lot of gelatin in them.

    I'v been googling recipes. And people disagree about how to do it. I wonder if you all have any input.

    I've heard roast them first, deglaze the pan then put it all in water and slow cook for hours.
    I've heard don't roast them first, just boil/ simmer them.
    I've heard add celery, onions, peppercorns, vinegar, salt/no salt.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    All of these recipes you're finding are good. You can roast or not roast. Roasting will give a darker colored stock with a more...roasted flavor. You can make just plain meat broth, or you can add veggies. Although from my experience and what I've heard, it's better to add the veggies just for the last few hours.

    Also, if there is lots of marrow in the bones, I personally would roast them first and enjoy the marrow separately, then add them to the stock pot. If you add them to the stock pot initally, all the marrow fat will render out, but I just think it tastes better straight from the bone/without being boiled first. Speaking of the fat, if you strain and then chill the broth in the fridge overnight, you will probably have a nice thick layer of tallow on top that you can pull off and use for cooking.


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      Broth turned out great, very tastey, very gelatinous . I roasted the bones slowly, first. I did enjoy the marrow bones as a meal prior to the boiling phase. Thanks for the tip. Now I'm nuking veggies in the broth and cooking my omelettes in bison tallow. How paleo am I?


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        You are beyond the pale(o).
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