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I'm sorry but I hate apple cider to help me get it down?



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  • I'm sorry but I hate apple cider to help me get it down?

    I was thinking if I incorporated it into salad dressings...since I want to get into the habit of eating a salad with each meal...I'd be getting my dose of vinegar with the meal...great idea...but I hate all the oil and vinegar dressings I find...I like CREAMY dressings...with things like avocado in them...bleu cheese...coconut butter...pecorino romano...I love caesar dressings and ranch...

    Do any of you have creamy salad dressings you've tried that use apple cider vinegar in them that actually taste good?

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    If you really loathe something, why do you want to torture yourself by forcing yourself to eat something you despise? If you don't like the taste of ACV, making it creamy isn't going to improve the flavor...


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      I put ACV in my homemade mayo and it's actually creamy and tasty. I've tried it with white vinegar too and I didn't notice a big taste change but then, it does not contain much vinegar either way.

      Here is the recipe if you are interested: Foolproof Homemade Paleo Mayo

      You could also try homemade nut butter thai sauce too. And if you still can't eat it, there are plenty of other use like deodorant or shampoo etc... Good luck!


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        Why do I want to eat something I don't like...simple, because it's good for me. Same reason I can't eat twinkies every day, not matter how much I DO like them. They're not good for me. Apple Cider Vinegar reduces insulin surges if taken before meals and it helps with weight loss. And there has to be a way to make it tolerable. I mean, for heaven's sake, it's just vinegar. And yes, Coccinellee, I thought of using it in mayonnaise and I plan to do so in my next batch of homemade mayonnaise. It is a good idea. And tonight, I made devilled eggs, and I used the ACV in the yolk mix along with mustard and mayo and raw onions and bell peppers and black pepper, then I dusted each lovely devilled egg with cayenne (which is also good for me). And they were delectable. Did you know that raw onion consumption has a huge preventative effect on heart disease. I don't particularly like raw onion or raw garlic either, but I find ways to ingest them. Everybody in my family is apple shaped, has diabetes, and dies in their 50s of massive heart attacks and I'm 53. So all the little things matter.

        I'll share with you guys my favorite salad dressing that incorporates raw garlic....homemade mayonnaise, chopped raw garlic, ground black pepper (lots of it), lemon juice and sea salt. I finally found a way to eat raw garlic that I like. And the easiest way to eat raw onion is in devilled eggs, tuna or chicken salad, or slivered on a rare roast beef "sandwich" with Russian dressing wrapped in lettuce. I just have to figure out a low carb recipe for that Russian dressing. Maybe I'll find one I can incorporate ACV into.


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          Knock yourself out... lol... enjoy your ACV...


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            Oh but I just hit pay dirt...I'm looking for sweeteners for dressings also...well, I found out you can toss sliced onion with apple cider vinegar and salt and let it sit in the fridge or outside in cool weather (covered but not airtight) for a few hours (or all day) and they will sweeten and soften (without cooking, which normally sweetens them, but leaches out their nutrients). I can keep this sweet onion and ACV mixture in an artight container in the fridge and use it in making all kinds of things. It would be good on sandwiches.

            I love sweet coleslaw but don't think stevia would do it, and don't like idea of erithrytol (or however you spell it).

            So I can do this raw onion soaking thing with my ACV then dump those soaked onions, along with their salt and vinegar, into my blender with my homemade mayo ingredients: raw egg yolk, healthy oils (I like cold-pressed sesame and coconut) and lemon juice and not add vinegar or salt cause it's in the onions already. Blend with celery seed and black pepper and wala--the healthiest coleslaw in the world. Then I don't have to add those harsh chunks of raw onion to my coleslaw but I still have a sweet onion taste. And the coleslaw won't have to sit as long before eating. But as it sits, it will get sweeter and sweeter.

            I'm determined to figure this stuff out and incorporate superfoods everywhere I can in things I like.

            I can also throw that sweet onion mix into my blender when making russian dressing, I found out. I don't want to use the sweet Heinz chili sauce they put in homemade Russian dressing (that would defeat the point). So I'll basically make homemade sweet chili sauce sweetened with my onion mix and add the other ingredients that go into Russian I did find a way to use ACV and raw onion in my homemade Russian dressing. I'm so excited.


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              LOL iv seen people on youtube try to down that stuff. Bleck
              Glad you found a recipe you like.

              I thought all vinegars are good for you....


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                I've never been able to eat raw onions but I admit you made me want to try to add a little bit when I make a batch of chicken salad. I totally understand the need to hide a taste we don't like. I hide liver in my spaghetti sauce!

                As for sweetener, do you absolutely want a low carb sweetener? Because raw honey is really healthy and has a loooong list of benefits.


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                  Originally posted by Coccinellee View Post
                  I've never been able to eat raw onions but I admit you made me want to try to add a little bit when I make a batch of chicken salad. I totally understand the need to hide a taste we don't like. I hide liver in my spaghetti sauce!

                  As for sweetener, do you absolutely want a low carb sweetener? Because raw honey is really healthy and has a loooong list of benefits.
                  As to the low-carb sweetener...yeah, unfortunately. The other day, I was water fasting and forgot I shouldn't and took my cinnamon supplement (which always lowers my blood sugars). My blood sugar got down to 69 which wasn't dangerous, but it was heading in the wrong direction. I didn't want to bust up my lovely ketosis state I'd had going for 9 days to raise my plummeting blood sugar, so I started with munching some very low see what would happen. I ate a cup full of raw spinach, felt a little better, then ate another cup full of raw spinach. Check my blood sugar a half hour later and it was in the 90s. From raw spinach. So...a little sugar goes a long way with me. I'm getting too old and insulin resistant to play around with any sweeteners anymore...except maybe at Christmas or birthdays, when it really matters. I need to eradicate that insulin resistance instead.

                  Glad you're going to try raw onion. I was blown away when I read it makes a 70% difference in heart disease in women. Simple cheap raw onion. Compared to the insulin and heart and statin drugs they want to put me on...that's a road that doesn't end pretty. I'll eat the raw onion and ACV even if I can't find a way to make them taste good.

                  In fact, I started soaking the onion in ACV and salt tonight for my coleslaw I'm making tomorrow. We'll see if it's sweet enough that my kids will eat it, then we'll know if it worked. I also am marinating a fresh deer roast in ACV and salt and papaya peelings. I'm soaking and sprouting some pinto beans. If I'm going to have carbs, they'll be in the form of sprouted beans and lentils and high protein grains which I still believe are very good for you if sprouted). I want to learn to make quinoa tortillas. And I'm ordering some sprouted flours like amaranth and quinoa and millet and lentil and brown rice flours. So I can make my mexican cornbread with cheddar cheese and jalapenos and green and red sweet peppers. And I'm defrosting ground meat for meatloaf tomorrow night, one of my favorites, chock full of eggs and onions and peppers, topped with organic unsweetened tomato paste. With mostly cauliflower mashed taters (I add one potato to the blend) with butter and cream. And broccolli and cheese. My grandson will be eating low carb and paleo and won't even know it.

                  And I just had my first amazing session of acupuncture (which I've never tried). It's been a good day for healing.

                  Wow. I need to stop writing. Can't believe I wrote so much.


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                    One (or two) tablespoon(s) ACV in 8-12 oz of water. I like tart things, so I don't sweeten that, but a drop or two of Stevia prob'ly wouldn't kill you.
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                      I have a ton of different paleo salad dressings that I use. I find that if I constantly switch them out I never get tired of one. It all depends on what kind of mood I'm in. If I want something fatty/creamy I'll do the Caesar and sometimes I just like the plain vinaigrette.