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  • Bone Marrow First Timer

    Hi Gang,

    I have been scouring the internet and have read the posts here regarding cooking and preparing marrow, but I wanted to hear about your first marrow eating experiences.

    Was it everything you expected?

    Was it completely different?

    Did it keep you coming for more?

    Did it scare you away from eating marrow in the future?

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    I'm worried about this too. I really want to love it and not be so disgusted that I never want to try it again. Just the thought of it turns me off though. I just bought 3 grass fed marrow bones and they are sitting in my freezer just waiting for me to be inspired to eat them. One for me and one for each of my girls . I know my dh wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole


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      actually, my first experience was purely accidental. I was deboning some goat meat and my thumb accidentally found the marrow slot atop the bone. Out of curiosity, I licked my thumb and ate the marrow that goozed out the bottom. Threw the rest of the marrow (several bones worth) in my curry. I am now officially a marrow lover, raw or cooked. It gave the curry a delicious hit of umame that I'll never be able to replicate without the marrow. What my husband doesn't know won't hurt him.
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        My wife thinks I am crazy as well! Actually more like disgusting would describe her view on the marrow. Good think is that I am home on Fatty Fridays and she works!


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          In my family we value marrows a lot. My parents don't eat it as often as me, but they would never say no to a plate of bone marrows. I have always liked it (but then again, I like pretty much any animal foods).

          Just knowing the fact that bone marrow (as well as the possiblility that there was meat around the bone) helped our ancestors survive is enough for me to keep eating it on a regular basis. When i dont feel like it, I will just throw it out in my crock pot and cook a stew. I like how the fat gives such a great taste to the stew...
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            My first bone marrow dinner was with some people from my first crossfit box and our instructor. She was strict paleo and the rest of us were just learning about it.

            The week or so leading up to the dinner the more I said the words 'bone marrow' the more grossed out I was becoming. I was teasing them that I was going to bring stem cells for appies.

            Anyway, this was only about a month ago before I gave up wheat and just used a bit of bread to dip into the marrow. It tasted fine, but the whole concept is just too much for me to think that I am ever going to buy some or seek it out again. The way it slithered out of the bone and onto their plates was too much. I am probably as big on texture as I am on taste and that slimy texture is too much for me.

            I can see how it would be good to add to dishes etc, and I have been known to gnaw on a pork chop bone a time or two, but presented that way when it is the central part of the meal was too much for me. Needless to say I ate a LOT of the arugala salad (which I also am not a big fan of) in order to get some nourishment that night!


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              Geesh from those questions you'd think we were talking about intimate relations rather than bone marrow! Anyway, first time I had it I was pre-primal and was buying stuff to make a big pot of chili and saw the beef marow bones there at the store and thought why not throw them in the pot, cannot hurt. Most of it rendered out into the chili but I ate a few small marrow pieces, it was nothing I really noticed, but it did not scare me away. I was on the fence about trying again but I appreciate that how something is cooked can have a big impact on how it tastes so I'll frequently try something unusual (like buffalo tongue or liver) a few times prepared differently. So I bought some buffalo marrow bones at my farmer's market and really liked those. Then I bought some beef marrow bones from Whole Foods to compare with the buffalo ones. I much prefer the buffalo bones and am kind of hooked now, it is much richer to me than the beef ones. For the past few months I'll have some marrow a few times a week for breakfast. It's easy enough to start a bone cooking in the oven while I'm making some eggs and then once the marrow is cooked I'll have it for a second course after I've eaten my eggs. It's a good changeup from bacon at breakfast. Once I've eaten the marrow I'll save the used bones in the freezer to make broth so I get 2 uses out of them.


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                I was thinking that I would extract the marrow (hoping that it will ome out in one piece after being roasted) and roll them in coconut flakes, then fry in coconut oil under a medium-high heat. The reason I was thinking this was that I would like to chop them and feed my kids as well. Am I too nieve in thinking that they will come out perfectly and then fry in the pan? I saw a chef do this and he used white flour, so I thought I would use my coconut crumble recipe that I used for chicken fingers.

                Thoughts? I can handle laughing and insults if I am being too idealistic.


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                  I think it would be really hard to get the marrow to come out in one nice piece, only happens about 10% of the time when I try although there might be some preparation technique that would increase the likelihood of it working. I do like the idea of that snack though, you'd have to be careful not to fry it too hot.


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                    I was just looking for bone marrow recipes and articles and came across this fun one - warning, the site on which it's hosted is adult in nature so nsfw or if the kids are around.....but it's a fun little article:

                    I've just started eating it - mainly for the phospholipids. i love it.

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                      I think you'll want to stuff a potato in your mouth to avoid becoming dangerously lean.

                      Because guys like women with curves. And cellulite. Gotta have cellulite.