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Supposing I needed to use some cream cheese...

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  • Supposing I needed to use some cream cheese...

    Wifey and I have moved into a new apartment which has a lovely cool, dark crawlspace under the stairs, so naturally I'm going to start making various lacto-fermented concoctions and storing them there. I'm drawing the recipes from Nourishing Traditions, and many of them call for biotically active (bugs in it) whey, which is most easily made by straining quality yogurt.

    The upshot is that if I'm going to get the amount of whey I need for all of my little chemistry experiments, I'm going to end up with a lot of cream cheese from the milk solids in the yogurt that are left behind. It seems like a terrible shame for these to go to waste, so I thought I would ask all of you what sorts of things you like to do with cream cheese.

    Incidentally, no, cream cheese isn't exactly a perfect food, but as 20% goes it's definitely in the shallow end of the pool.
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    Primal Jalapeno Poppers- Stuff pepper halves with the cream cheese, wrap in bacon, and bake until crispy.

    SoG Cheese Cake?

    Garlic, and Herb cheese balls? roll a ball of cream cheese in garlic, and your favorite herbs.

    Cheese Omlettes?

    ...If you use goat yogurt, you'll have goat cheese.

    I've always digged yogurt cheese, but haven't been eating alot of stuff like that lately.

    Good luck.


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      We like to mix it with herbs and spread on sliced meat, add avocado slice and roll as a snack...

      You can also pipe into strawberries for a nice snack too!
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        Make a savory cheesecake, perhaps w/ smoked salmon.


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          Yogurt cream cheese isn't quite cream cheese, but it is pretty close, less sweet for sure. Use it as a replacement for sour cream in taco meat, chicken, beef, pork, mexican style, lots of cream cheese stirred into spicy meat. Plop it over a chopped salad. We don't need no stinkin' tortilla. You could do it with fish and lime and cabbage for serious fish tacos w/o the tort.

          Roast or grill a bunch of veggies, garlic, onion, bell pepper... chill them then mix into the cream cheese with a bunch of salmon for a dip. Use it as a replacement for ricotta in a pasta-less lasagna. Carefully melt it down into a cream sauce with lots of herbs and beef grillin' spices and serve with steak.