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    Hi all,

    I love backpacking, and just went backpacking for the first time since going primal. i did pretty good food wise, but resorted to bringing some low carb wraps.

    Fresh meats, veggies, and fruits are a challenge when backpacking, especially if you're out for more than 1 night. Does anyone have any suggestions on foods/recipes that would be good for backpacking?

    I'm looking for something that can be filling after a long day on the trail.



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    Salami could be good. Some of it has a lot of additives, but if you could find some that hadn't ... I can recall Chris Bonnington saying he used it on climbs, because it's densely calorific for its weight (because of the fat content).

    I always take some dark chocolate. I guess dried coconut is another possibility.


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      Jerky, pemmican, tinned fish, nuts. You can also dehydrate meals like chilli, and then reconstitute them (boil them back into something edible!)

      I would also bring a fishing rod and try to catch dinner!
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        I think you'll also need more carbs than on a non-backpacking day (if you don't want to be wasted tired). My last hiking trip while eating low carb PB was a struggle, and I was wiped out for 3 days afterwards....
        I'm a quitter...but I'm back now.


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          Thanks for the suggestions. I used to look forward to a big pot of pasta or rice and beans/meat, or something similar, but would like to steer clear of that. Needless to say, I'm still hungry for a big pot of something, just don't want it to be pasta/rice/bread, etc.

          I bring a lot of dried fruit/trail mix to get some carbs. And I usually bring some good Hammer nutrition bars on harder hikes. I like the dried food suggestions, and will look into that a bit more. I guess I'm just looking for some ideas to replace that filling pot of pasta/rice/breads with something else. Also, any hot food ideas for breakfast that isn't oatmeal? On overnighters, I'll bring some eggs, but they don't seem to keep to long on the longer trips.