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Best primal dessert to please/fool non primal eaters

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  • Best primal dessert to please/fool non primal eaters

    I'm visiting with relatives over dinner and would like to bring something for after dinner (they are pretty old fashioned about these sorts of manners) but would love to serve something primal.

    What are some of your favorites to serve at social functions?

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    Peach clafouti with real whipping cream. YUM.

    they'll have no idea it's healthy. At all.
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      I always like just strawberries with pure cream with a touch of vanilla. Looks pretty in a glass bowl.
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        Seasonal and delicious:

        Grilled peaches drizzled with grand marnier and topped with cinnamon whipped cream!
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          Blueberry Fool. Whipped Cream with barely simmered very ripe (cooled) blueberries folded in.


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            the spice cake from "Cooking with Coconut Flour" with Greek Yogurt frosting (made with Truvia instead of powdered sugar.

            Freakin' awesome!


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              My 'non primal' DH loves this cheesecake as much as I do:

              It's not as cloying as "regular" cheesecake can be...
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                I made this chocolate pudding/mousse this weekend for my boyfriend's parents and some friends and they said it was one of the best they'd ever tried - it's so easy and decadent! Chocolate Custard | Everyday Paleo


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                  People always get all twitterpated when I serve dates stuffed with mascarpone and candied pecans...
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                    Fruit kebabs.

                    Dried apricots half dipped in chocolate (prepared ahead of time). Also works with the larger nuts like Brazil.
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                      Take 100 g of good dark chocolate (70%), melt it over a hot-water bath (never expose it to direct heat because it burns easily and becomes grainy) and let it cool a bit. Then add 250 g of mascarpone and stir together until smooth. If you think it wouldn't be "sweet enough" for your family members, you can add a spoon of honey. Distribute into bowls or cups and put in the fridge (at least for a couple of hours). It is a fabulous, very rich dessert. When serving, you can sprinkle it with nuts if you want to. It could also be good with raspberries. Or if you like the taste or coffee or cinnamon, you can add them into the mixture (I'd not add both at the same time, though).

                      I once tried it with Lindt chocolate with orange chunks (this one), and it was heavenly.

                      100 g of chocolate and 250 g of mascarpone yields 3 portions, or 4 small ones. Not counting the the time needed for the chocolate to cool down and the time in the fridge, this recipe takes no longer than 10 minutes and is completely foolproof.


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                        Flourless Chocolate Cake is always good. Just chocolate, butter, and eggs. America's Test Kitchen has a good recipe.


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                          Protein balls.

                          Mix any nut butter or peanut butter with protein powder, honey, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, melted dark chocolate, and dark chocolate chips. Form into balls and let sit in the fridge for a while.
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