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A question about rendering tallow

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  • A question about rendering tallow

    I finally found a source of beef fat but i'm not sure how much to buy. Can anyone who does this give me an idea of how much tallow per pound of beef fat? Also, what is the best way to store tallow and how long before it goes bad.

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    I bought about 3 pounds a while ago. Rendered, it filled about 4 16oz (peanut butter) jars. I put one in the fridge and 3 in the freezer. I think it keeps almost forever in the freezer and at least several months in the fridge. I used The Pemmican Manual as a guide for how to render the fat.


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      That was a huge help! Thank you


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        How do glass jars work though? It is too hard to spoon out, I use flat takeaway containers so I can pull it out easy and chop/chip chunks off.


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          Yeah, it is kinda hard to scoop out. In the fridge it gets very hard. I might try your suggestion next time I render some, thanks!