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Canary Almond Cake

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  • Canary Almond Cake

    This recipe was from last Sunday's Stella magazine (the women's magazine inside the Sunday Telegraph here in Blighty).

    I have modified it slightly (as you're supposed to sprinkle it with demerara sugar, just before it cools but, obviously, that's not very Primal; it also contains 75g (about 2.75oz) of caster sugar, you'd need to experiment with powdered stevia to see what works - we can't get stevia here in Blighty, so I can't help on that one (if there's anyone in the UK who could suggest a viable alternative (and the amount to use) then I'd be grateful)). The rest of the ingredients are Primal, though...

    The 'Canary' has nothing to do with the birds - the cake's a delicacy from the Canary Islands...

    The recipe can be found here ( I'm too damned lazy to copy it from the mag!

    La tristesse durera toujours...