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young coconut porridge

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  • young coconut porridge

    coconut is my passion, love to experiment w it any time i can so here's my newest dish:

    3 young thai coconuts
    coconut flakes (unsweetened of course)

    what 2 do
    get the delicious water out first. check out Al Ks post on opening a coconut
    get the gooey meat out
    place meat in blender w enough hot water to cover
    blend well until you have 'milk'
    pour 'millk' over strainer (tiny tiny holes)
    in your bowl you'll have something that looks like coconut milk w a thicker consistency
    put in fridge overnight to thicken some more
    in the morning combine some 'milk' w enough coconut flakes to get a porridge consistency
    voila! add stevia to taste and some berries.

    not sure how this would turn out warm. i'll be trying that next.

    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers

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    Question about coconut butter

    You say you are passionate about coconuts, so am I and I have been searching for somebody to ask about something I created in my Magimix the other day.
    I made some nice thick coconut cream from several mature coconuts, and I decided to whip a few cups in my blender, once it was whipped I decided to carry on churning it on a low speed in the blender.
    What happened was exactly the same as with dairy cream when making dairy butter. It separated into a paste and a liquid.
    My result was something the same consistency of dairy butter but it is white and I have since done some frying in it with fine results. Is this coconut oil (perhaps just with some tiny tiny grains of the coconut flesh left hence why it is white), it melts the same as butter or coconut oil? I cant find out what this might be.
    I look forward to a reply.