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  • Bacon grease

    I only make bacon on the weekends... not because of any restrictions, just a time issue. Anyway, I made 4 slices with breakfast this morning and decided to put the grease in an empty jar for later use. I have never done this before and am wondering:

    How long will this stay good?
    Do I keep it in the refrigerator or room temp?

    It just seems weird to me because bacon itself would go bad pretty quickly...
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    I leave mine in a glass jar on the counter and use it here and doesn't seem to go bad. I add to it and take from it daily and clean it out every other week-ish.


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      I keep mine in the fridge-stays soft enough to scoop out. And I just keep adding to it whenever I make bacon-it doesn't seem to go bad.


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          I'd love to have a bacon grease can like my mom had when I was a kid. Came with a lid and an insert with small holes that fit on top to strain out the solids - and she just left it on the stove all the time. And that was in Texas with no air conditioning.


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            Got a jar by the stove with a piece of cheese cloth over the opening with a rubber band around the bottom end of the jar threads. Just keep the lid screwed on and there you go. I don't think bacon grease goes bad either.



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              fridge,then u dont have to worry about straining it. it never goes bad... u can smell it if it happens to go rancid, u will know soon as u put it in pan smells really bad........


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                a kitchen supply store should sell the bacon grease can you're talking about,that's where I got mine from.


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                  Make a Romantic Bacon Grease Candle !


                  Bacon Grease Keeper Pot




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                    Back when I wasn't really using the grease because fat was scary, I think I kept some in the fridge for about a year and it never showed any signs of going bad. It wasn't strained or anything, either.
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