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    I had one hell of a time working on my hard meringues, and did extensive research. I have never been able to make a hard meringue that would keep, but the same day hard meringue finally worked for me. It only worked:
    -with the amount of sugar indicated in the recipe; I saw warnings against using less. Not sure how art sweeteners impact them
    -sterilize all bowls and blades used for making it in the dishwasher and handle with paper towels;
    -use carton egg whites and bring them to room temperature before making meringues; even with 3 bowl method of separating eggs I haven't been able to achieve the egg whites that would not fall in the oven after baking
    -stiff peaks take some time to achieve; patience & checking the peaks helps. They truly need to be standing at the points, no drooping
    -never store meringue in the fridge (they soften)
    -you do not need cream of tartar to make good meringue; I hate the taste it gives it. Start with egg whites and sugrar - exactly the amount indicated in each recipe and do not give up until you get the basic recipe right.

    If it is too sweet for you, try something that does not require sugar for correct chemistry, like egg whites and banana or sweet potato souffle
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