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Help! Fish dishes for buffet please

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  • Help! Fish dishes for buffet please

    I have invited my friends over for a buffet lunch next weekend. Lots of them don't eat meat although they eat fish. I'm just not prepared to serve all the carby crap that veggies generally eat - any suggestions for fish that would work in a buffet? Obviously smoked salmon, but I need other options too.
    Thanks in advance for your help...

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    Would stick with salmon, baked, and, perhaps smoked trout.


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      So, a few ideas....

      rainbow Trout and salmon can be cooked alike in this way:
      in a foil "boat" rub olive oil, black pepper, fresh ginger, fresh chilli, spring onion, red sweet long peppers slices of lemon
      - bake until cooked, remove the extras and serve!

      tuna nicoise salad

      smoked salmon parcels with cream cheese, chives and black pepper inside

      you could fashion little goujons of cod/hake/haddock with a mayo/garlic mayo/spicy may dip

      scallps wrapped in proscuttio - or even better on cocktail sticks with chorizo

      If you have some favourite flavours/fishes I could create some dishes/amalgamate for you? It's my favourite thing to do

      Hope it goes well!



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        just had another one!

        I forgot to ask if a hot buffet!

        King prawns, marinade in garlic, chilli, lemon juice, splash lime and chopped corriander. then put on sticks and griddle in a little olive oil/bbq if you can

        Prawn piri piri - as above but cook in olive oil in a wok/large pan

        can create lots of different mayo's for dipping

        prawn cocktail ; made with large king prawns

        prawns - in shells, in a large pan with garlic, olive oil, chillis, lemon juice, salt black pepper

        mussells in white wine [recipie not made this so would have to look online]


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          Wow - thanks! You're a recipe genius!


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            fitmom has a recipie for crab cakes that look lovely and I htink I saw one for tuna earlier

            last option i can think of right now qwould be good old fashioned tasty Sashimi!


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              No probs! I am now salivating at my work desk! hahaha

              I love to sit and think of recipies/ideas

              hope it goes well!


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                I've had this recipe bookmarked for a while, haven't tried it though:

                Shrimp salad would also be yummy. You could do a traditional one with mayo and celery, I do a Thai-inspired one (of all places, I got it from a Weight Watchers cookbook):

                -1/4 c fresh lime juice
                -2 Tbs chopped cilantro
                -2 Tbs chopped mint
                -1 Tbs fish sauce
                -1-2 tsp honey
                -12 oz salad shrimp (I buy frozen and thaw)
                -1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper
                -1/2 medium cucumber, peeled and julienned
                -1 large scallion, sliced

                Combine the lime juice, cilantro, mint, fish sauce, and honey. Add the remaining ingredients and toss to combine.
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                  Soup! Just take a bunch of random fish, chop it up, and boil it in water with some root vegetables and hearty greens like kale. I like to add a little fish sauce and soy sauce (is that very primal? I'm not sure, but I only use the fermented kind without any wheat) for flavor instead of straight salt. Hot sauce and pepper wouldn't go amiss either. I made this soup with 4 pounds of random fish cuts and it fed my husband and I, lunch and dinner, for a whole week, it was even good cold.


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                    To me, nothing is grosser than room temperature fish that's supposed to be hot. If you're not able to keep it hot, I'd go for something cold like shrimp cocktail.


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                        I posted this in another thread


                        The best crab cakes I've ever made, but they are sort of labor intensive and messy. I second all the ideas for fish and prawns...I sometimes think buffet-style entertaining is easier on primal than a sit-down dinner. No one insisting you eat the rolls, etc. Put out some shrimp, olives, cheeses and fruits and no one realizes anything's missing.


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                          Also, quiche (or quiche cooked in mini-muffin size if you're going for bite-size buffet snacks).

                          With crab if seafood is your goal, but with anything if you're just looking for buffet items that aren't carby.
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