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Snack ideas for 48-hours of consciousness on a bus?

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  • Snack ideas for 48-hours of consciousness on a bus?

    Hey folks -

    I'm embarking on a rather unusual trip next week: along with 40 other developers, I will spend 48 hours on a bus (traveling from SF to Austin), programming a webapp from scratch, and competing to create the best one. Since it is a competition, and time is tight, it's expected that we won't be doing much sleeping.

    I'm looking for tips on living primal on that bus - I can bring my own snacks and drinks on the bus, so I'm hoping to load up with enough good primal stuff that I'm not tempted by convenience store crap. I saw the other thread on road-trip tips, so I've put together a doc with all the tips from that thread here:

    There are a lot of great suggestions there, and now I'm hoping to refine the ideas more for my situation. I'm particularly interested in energy-boosting snacks, since I'll need energy to stave off the sleep. I also want to avoid any addictive snacks (like some chips/mixes can be..and all chocolate . I won't have an oven to bake snacks in before the trip (I think the primal bark recipes typically call for baking?), but I will be in San Francisco then, so maybe there are some good natural food stores there that stock primal snacks.

    Any suggestions welcome, thanks!

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    I just made granola bars for my husband to take on a long trip: Stuff I Cook for my Husband: Pumpkin-flax granola, and healthy granola bars

    You could also do zucchini muffins. I've made this recipe, use whatever sweetener you want in place of Splenda, if desired.

    I recently made collard wraps, using this tutorial. I filled them with julienned bell pepper, julienned cucumber, sprouts, avocado, and broccoli-zucchini hummus (recipe)

    Kale chips?

    No mention of pork rinds??
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      If you haven't left yet, I think making a proteinsmoothie and storing it in a thermos ( something to keep it cool) is really practical. Just use berries, proteinpowder and something with fat in ( coconut milk, walnut oil). But you should probable drink it the first day. Hope it helps.
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        By the description of what you are doing, my best bet for you is to utilize the tools that were designed for this specific event: Mountain Dew and Cheetos.


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          Originally posted by Rivvin View Post
          By the description of what you are doing, my best bet for you is to utilize the tools that were designed for this specific event: Mountain Dew and Cheetos.
          Lol. +1
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            I did a recent trip which involved 48 hours away from home and no food choices (we were fed cattle-call style, no options for gluten free, let alone primal) I packed a soft sided cooler with hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks, nuts, jerky, kale chips and fruit. it wasn't the most appetizing weekend of my life, but I got through it.


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              Sliced pepperoni and cheese. (it keeps without refrigeration, it's just weird for us to eat it warm)

              You could also make a primal version of moose-goo. Mix almond butter with honey and put the paste in wax paper tubes. Squeeze out the other end or spoon it out for a quick hit of sugars and protein.


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                As a fellow Software Developer I say, "good luck!". I like to take beef jerky, apple slices, green pepper slices, some primal trail mix, pepperoni slices, cheese slices on road trips and when I am pulling firewood out of the forest. I usually start the day with some steak, bacon and eggs... it an hour trip to where I pull firewood out, gives me good energy boost, with the previously mentioned food as snack breaks.


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                  first bit i would eat whatever i normally do that would keep cold. after that i would shift to higher sugar food like fruit to sustain me. i would also have nuts and cheese if you stop at gas stations you may be able to buy cheese. it is only for a short time so i would stick with primal foods but i would just eat whatever i needed in order to get through. personally i would likely also bring some rice cakes and almond butter. not a huge deal of a cheat and easy to travel with.



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                    one thing i like cold (might just be me) is roast sweet potato and tuna
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                      For long hikes I make home-made larabars. Put dates, shredded coconut, nuts, vanilla extract and enough coconut oil to bind them in the food processor, pulse until it's still a little bit chunky. Press into a tin and cool in the fridge. Cut them into bars and wrap individually in baking paper.
                      They make an easy to eat, portable, energy laden and delicious snack.
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