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Cooking meat - I will figure this out!

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  • Cooking meat - I will figure this out!

    After years of being in various stages of vegan, non-primal, etc I have realized I really do not know how to cook meat.

    Well, actually I make a fantastic meat sauce for spaghetti and I can crock pot a brisket but that's about it LOL.

    I will figure this out!!

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    Welcome to the board and back to eating meat! Brisket is delicious! And meat sauce is the bomb, so you're off to a good start. I think meat is usually pretty easy to cook. In my view, meat either falls into the low and slow category (like brisket) or fast and hot (steak), depending on its composition. Meat with very little connective tissue is hot and fast and the other is low and slow. I found this and think it has some pretty good info.


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      Do you have a griddle pan? I would highly suggest it if not. Lodge makes a pretty good cast iron one. They're great for simple cuts of meat, especially when you don't feel like/don't have time to cook something terribly complex. Last night I marinated some cube steaks in mojo criollo (sour orange, garlic and spices) and cooked it on the griddle. I fried some onions in just a bit of lard in a regular skillet then served the meat with the onions scattered on top. Super simple and very tasty.
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        Never more than medium rare. That's the first thing. Overcooking meat (beef) is one of the worst sins a cook can make.

        Steak is REALLY easy in a cast iron pan. Bring the steak to room temp, heat the pan until it's HOT. Drop the steak in the pan and LEAVE IT ALONE! Don't mess with for about three to four minutes, depending on how thick it is. Now flip it, and leave it alone again for another three to four minutes.

        Thinner steaks will be done. Thicker steaks might need to be flipped over one more time for a couple of minutes. The addition of butter in the pan instead of olive oil makes a great flavor that just cannot be beat.


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          I'm with you brotha man. 11 years vegetarian, and I fancied myself as a pretty good cook. Now, I have no idea what the eff I'm doing! I feel like a child.


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            The time I left vegetarianism coincided pretty closely with me getting together with my husband. DH is a total carnivore and is really good at cooking meat. So I haven't been veggie in a decade and I still don't really know how to cook meat well. I'm good at big roasts and such but if you want a perfect steak or fish fillet, he's the guy.


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              You can't go wrong cooking meat at low temperatures. Slow roasting is really easy.


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                Meat seems harder to mess up completely than vegetarian stuff. Some of the easiest things I've done so far: roasting duck legs (unlike chicken, it has so much of its own basting fat it's almost impossible to overcook to the point of drying out); stir fry with diced steak meat (done when it looks done on the outside, unlike a whole steak); slow cooker stews (I especially like the way the odd extra hour or so of cooking time makes no difference).