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Wild Rabbit from the butcher

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  • Wild Rabbit from the butcher

    So, how do we feel about the above in a PB context? and who does/would eat?


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    If it's from a butcher, I would be surprised if it is wild. I get rabbit from a grassfed source-- I love the meat. I've eaten the wild variety, and while tasty, it can be a bit stringy.
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      I love rabbit! I haven't had wild rabbit in years, but I know it's even trickier to cook than farmed, because it tends to be tougher and leaner. Low and slow is the key, and you'll want to choose a recipe/method that adds some fat to it.

      The last time I cooked rabbit according to a recipe, I used this one (for those reading this who eat dairy): Rabbit Fricassee with Tagliatelle - Gordon Ramsay's F-Word - BBC America (and here's a video showing it step by step, which is especially helpful if yours come whole and you've never chopped up a rabbit before: How to cook rabbit fricassee with Gordon Ramsay | Video Wonder How To ) I cooked the legs a little too quickly and they were a bit chewy... and that was with farmed rabbit. That's when I realized just how careful you have to be.
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        I use wild rabbit with pork, liver and pork fat, spices etc to make pate - delicious! Not so keen on the meat as meat - unless it is in a game casserole.


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          Excellent question, am interested too. Just saw someone selling it at my Farmers' Market today and I've committed to at least try it. Anyone else?
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            It's illegal to sell wild game, if legal it is farm raised. Rabbit is good, but very lean, be careful not to dry it out, I use to smother mine in gravy pre primal, or maybe put it in a stew or soup.