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Primal ranch dressing?

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  • Primal ranch dressing?

    Hi Im wondering i anyone has made ranch dressing using pork lard or some other more paleo recipes. I want to avoid all plant oils and so far have only found this recipe which uses heavy cream and and sour cream but still isn't what I want as I prefer dairy free.
    Msg Free Ranch Dressing Recipe - - 391617

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    It doesn't seem possible to make a dairy-free ranch dressing. To me, it wouldn't be ranch.
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      I have made this one and its pretty good but its not as good as the ranch dressing I get when I eat out. I really don't follow this exactly. I use more sour cream than I do mayo. I haven't made this since following PB, but I grow all the herbs so I may just have to make it when I get the chance. If you make it, my advice is to go easy on the garlic and onion powders.

      Ranch Dressing II Recipe -

      Just found this one, but I have never made it. It looks really good though so I am going to give it a try. With this it looks like you can cut down a bit on the dairy ingredients because of the avocato.

      Edit: how bad is buttermilk for PB? It only has a tiny bit, but I wonder what could be used as a sub?
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