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  • Crab Rangoon

    Before becoming primal I used to get Chinese Food every Sunday. I loved it! One of my Favorite things was the Crab Rangoon. I would bite off an end or tear it in half creating a spoon like pocket and fill the spoon with the sweet and sour sauce. It was heaven.

    I want to do my best at recreating this as a paleo dish.

    This is what I was thinking.

    Good full fat, raw cream cheese.
    A reduced berry dipping sauce like blue berry.
    Maybe some salt via Pancetta.

    lets say we took the cream cheese and cut in to bite sized logs. Froze it then rolled it in cooled Pancetta. Then we could dip the whole thing in the blue berry sauce with a tooth pick.

    Now I know that this could only be a special thing once or twice per year but that would make it all the more special.

    Any thoughts or recipes, similar dishes would be much appreciated.

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    you could also wrap the cream cheese mixture in a lettuce/cabbage/spinach leaf, or roll it in a flattened piece of meat like a beef roulade. this is a great idea...i might make something similar for a family thing that's coming up in a few weeks.


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        Flattened piece of beef sounds good. I'd like to get some kind of crunch texture with it but most of all I want it to be paleo in nature.
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          You could wrap the cream cheese in pancetta and then either pan sear it or deep fry it.


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            I realize this is an old thread… but what about using Paleo Wraps ? I have a bunch of dungeness crab I canned and cream cheese screaming to be made into rangoons! (I don't even need the dipping sauce ) The thing is the coconut paleo wraps brown so darn fast. While you could bake them, I like the tastiness of something fried better. Ideas?


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                I love crab rangoon. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

                I'd heard of (but haven't tried) using chicken skin for egg roll wrappers. Supposed to get nice and crispy and should be pretty tasty. I could see doing something similar for crab rangoon, with chicken skin around a cream cheese/crab mix. I mostly dip them in sweet and sour because the wrapper can be dry, so I might just leave it out with the chicken skin, but that's me.
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                  Rice paper. Quality cream cheese. Crabmeat. Fry in coconut oil. Repeat.