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Deluxe Cinnamon Chocolate Trail Mix Recipe

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  • Deluxe Cinnamon Chocolate Trail Mix Recipe

    I throw all the following (organic/unsalted/unsweetened) into a container with a lid I can snap on to shake up and carry around all day at class or munch on around home when I'm studying:

    -1 handful walnuts

    -1 handful cashews

    -1 handful almonds

    -1 handful pistachios (I have to pre-crack mine to add em)

    -1/2 handful of sunflower seeds

    -1/2 handful of pumpkin seeds

    -1/4 handful of flax seeds

    -1 piece of candied mango (I use very little, about half the size of a credit card - its supposed to be treat when you get some!) cut up into tiny strips (omit the candied mango if you want an ultra primal batch since candied mango is sweetened with sugar - but realistically, a few grams of sugar amongst the handfuls of nuts in this recipe will have negligible effects on insulin levels)

    -1 piece of dark, unsweetened chocolate broken up into bits the size of peas or so (again, omit if you want, but the same logic that applies to the candied mango applies here)

    -1/4 handful of unsweetened coconut

    -add cinnamon powder to taste (I use a generous amout to make sure all the nuts are flavored - but add a few dashes, shake, taste, and then add more if necessary)

    And that's it! Snap on your lid, shake, and enjoy. This makes a round, standard Ziploc Tupperware container 3/4 full which can last a couple days.

    Note: To precrack the pistachios, cut up the mango, break up the chocolate takes a few minutes so don't leave it to the last minute if you have some place to be!

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    I'd add a handful of fish oil pills to that too.

    recipe (without candy)

    Calories 940

    Total Fat 81.4g

    Saturated Fat 13.1g

    Monounsaturated Fat 30.4g

    Polyunsaturated Fat 34.0g

    Total Omega-3 fatty acids 5887mg

    Total Omega-6 fatty acids 28131mg

    O6:O3 ratio: 4.8:1

    Ratio is not bad if except most of the O3 is ALA which humans don't convert to EPA and DHA very well, so you pretty much need to get 28g of fish oil in you to balance this out.

    I am sure it is a great recipe, I just wouldn't eat the whole thing in 1 day. I would balance it out "real food"

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.