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Homemade energy bar....

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  • Homemade energy bar....

    Im toying with the idea of making a breakfast ""energy"" bar out of sweet potatoes ( complex carbs ), Almond/Cashew butter ( protein ) and small bits of whatever fruit mixed in for simple sugars and flavor.

    I figure MAYBE I can use mashed sweet potato mixed with pb and the fruit... dehydrated fruit-rollup style.

    Has anyone ever tried this? Flavor isnt a concern for me but Im mainly wondering how ( if ) it will hold together or crumble.

    I doubt anyone here has tried this specifically but if you have please give me some input!

    I'll probably give it a try next week after I grocery shop. I have a feeling dried peanut butter isnt exactly stable

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    Trader Joes has "peanut flour" - or you could use almond flour (also available at TJ)


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      Thanks for the tip. I dont have a trader joes around but I can probably find some almond flour...


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        I posted this on another thread and I know it doesn't seem along the line of what you're describing, but it's what I make and I enjoy the hell out of it.

        8oz pitted dates, big handfull of sliced almonds or pecan halves, handfull of dried cranberries, TSP of unsweetened cocoa and a drizzle of honey. Toss in food processor and grind/mix then take out and make a ball out of it. Lay it on some wax paper and pat it out into a big, flat rectangle. Slice into bars, wrap in wax paper and freeze. Delicious and beyond portable.