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  • Slow Cooker Recipe

    Hi guys, any help about slow cooker recipe. Does anyone here can share their ideas about slow cooker recipe? I love to cook and I want to learn from you here guys. Thanks in advance.
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    I was thinking for a long time what to buy, slow cooker or pressure cooker, and after doing a huge research online I decided to purchase the slow one (Cuisinart MSC-600).
    Recently have found an amazing website with lots of cool recipes:
    Yesterday I tried a recipe for a Mississippi Pot Roast and thought I would test out the browning option before carrying on with the recipe. I was so impressed with how well my slow cooker browned the meat and completed the meal. That was super delicious!


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      How Slow Cookers Work

      Slow cookers and Crock-Pots use moist heat to cook food over an extended period of time, usually anywhere from four to ten hours, over a low temperature. Food is placed inside the cooker (which sits inside a heating unit), covered with a lid, and set to either a low or high heat setting. Depending on the recipe, occasional stirring may be required, but overall it's a very hands-off cooking tool.

      Many slow-cooker meals allow the convenience of "set it and forget it" although, because of the long cook time, slow-cooker meals may require a bit of planning.

      What to Cook in a Slow Cooker

      There are few things you can't make in a slow cooker! These appliances are great for everything from soups and stews, to vegetables, meat, fish, bread, and even desserts.
      Slow Cooker Recipes


      How a Pressure Cooker Works

      Though not quite as simple as a slow cooker, once you have the hang of it, pressure cookers are easy to use.

      The food and cooking liquid are sealed inside the pot, and as the liquid heats up (eventually coming to a boil), it forms steam and pressure inside the pot. As the steam builds in pressure, it raises the boiling point of the cooking liquid to as high as 250°F, causing the food to cook faster. The increased pressure in the pot also forces liquid into the food, again resulting in the faster cook time, as well as helping some foods, like tough cuts of meat, become more tender.

      The rising temperature and increased pressure cook the food at two (up to three) times the normal rate.

      What to Cook in a Pressure Cooker

      You can cook just about anything in a pressure cooker, from vegetable and grains to meat and fish. It significantly reduces the cook time for foods like rice and dried beans, and works well for tough cuts of meat that would otherwise be braised or stewed. You can even make hard-boiled eggs in a pressure cooker!