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  • Camping, Yay!

    The boyfriend and I are going on our first (together, I mean) camping/float trip mid-next month. I'm Primal, he's a carbaholic. But guess who's in charge of the food? Yep, me! 'cause I'm the better cook! I'm already forming ideas but want to know what would YOU bring? It'll be minimalist camping (no electricity) so what could be more Primal than cooking dinner over the fire? Aside from catching it ourselves or building our own shelter perhaps, but that ain't happening!
    I'm thinking plenty of hardboiled eggs with some nut/seed/fruit trail mix one morning and maybe some bacon/sausage and eggs over the fire the next. Lunch during the float might prove more difficult but I may feel industrious and make some primal/paleo friendly bread or crackers ahead of time. Dinners are easy, whatever meat we want and I'm no stranger to grilled veggies.

    What's been your camping experience since going Primal? I really don't want to "cheat" with chips, bread, etc.

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    I haven't gone camping yet since going primal, but I will be, and I'm glad you posted this- it's got me thinking! My usual kabobs work well (meat of whatever type, onions, and peppers marinated in itallian dressing or vinegar/oil and spices), as would any meat or fish, fruit salad/fresh fruit, veg/meat (or chicken or fish) packet type meals in the coals, you could do burgers (buns for him or just use portabellas for both of you). Heck, for the float lunch you could do a smorgasboard of picnic munchies- meat, cheese, veggies, fruit, etc.

    Thanks for posting this! I can't wait to see what others have to say!


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      We're heading up to Yosemite this Saturday. Here's my current menu plan:

      Saturday (Driving In)
      • Lunch - Cheese, apples, deli meats (salami, summer sausage, whatever)
      • Dinner - Burgers w/cheese, salad and dressing, s'mores with strawberries (hurray! we're camping!)

      • Breakfast - Buckwheat pancakes with blueberries, bacon, coffee
      • Lunch - Red pepper halves stuffed with egg salad
      • Dinner - Steak with sweet potatoes, salad, dressing

      Monday (Driving Out)
      • Breakfast - Paleo biscuits and gravy, coffee, fruit
      • Lunch - Leftover pancakes with various schmears
      • Dinner - Brats and salad

      • Breakfast - Eggs and bacon, coffee

      My camping kit includes a chimney starter (for baking), cast iron dutch oven pot (for baking and roasting), two propane burners, and one portable grill. We also have a percolator for coffee. I don't know how we get it all to fit in my Subaru, but somehow we do.
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        By minimalist, are we talking backpacking or will you have a campsite? If you're backpacking then I'd suggest dehydrated foods, jerky, and trail mix.

        If you're not carrying everything on your back, then steaks over the fire are awesome. So are sausages. I have a big dutch oven, too. I like to make stews and curries ahead then freeze them. By the 2nd evening they're thawed and you can just toss them in the dutch oven over the fire. Meanwhile, they're helping to keep your other food warm. Onalark gave tons of good suggestions, too.

        I do still cook my breakfast on a camp stove, though. I don't want to hang around waiting to the fire to come up then for it to go out. I want to be out enjoying the trails. I'll usually do bacon or sausage and eggs. They cook quickly and you can do it all in one skillet for easy cleanup.


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          I love camping and I have the same issue...I am primal and hubby wants his carbs and he gets what I call "hungry grouchy" when he doesn't get them. I can go for hours (no sugar dips or spikes) but he crashes if we do a lot of hiking/walking (3+ miles) in the morning if he hasn't had his he-man breakfast. So keep that in mind since you have a carboholic on your hands. My advice, include some carbs for him or you will have a grouchy boyfriend instead of a happy camper. When we go camping I grill bison burgers and I eat them with salad. I bring buns and baked beans for him. Breakfast can be eggs and a meat but I also have bread to toast for him and preserves for him to spread on the bread. I bring almond butter and apples and/or bananas for my snack. I bring chips and salsa for him. Enjoy the wilderness, enjoy his company; don't try to change him. Have a great time!
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            Couple of thoughts:

            Breakfasts - Eggs are really easy, I cut up some veggies ahead of time to toss in with scrambled eggs. Although in a pinch leftover cold steak or grilled chicken is MIGHTY tasty a couple days in.

            Lunch - I chop raw veggies into snack baggies before we leave for camping, these are easy to grab for lunches or snacks. For protein lunch meat roll ups, jerky, hard boiled eggs, salami and cheese.

            Dinner - I like to toss a couple items into marinade before we leave (usually I can get away with one item marinaded for 24-36 hrs). Cut up whole chicken pieces, flank steak, things like that. I have made kebabs the day before and packed those in the cooler with good success. I like to cook 'extra' protein when we camp for those folks that prefer carbs (to help them forget about it). Like tossing some Italian sausage on the grill to go with the chicken, or maybe some crab legs to go with steak (seriously, grilled crab legs are the bomb...melt butter in some tin foil, ta da). If you are going to be in the sun and burning a lot of energy on the water, having a potato over the fire is not a bad thing (we like to thinly slice them, add onions, garlic, butter, S&P, wrap individually in foil and toss near the coals...OR, do this with chopped veggies).

            For me, prep is the key. I do as much chopping and prep work as I can before we leave, so most of the time it is straight from a baggie to the grill over the fire. Course, I am assuming you will have access to a large cooler.
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              Great ideas, thank you! Most of my summer meals involved grilled marinated meat and veggies anyway, so I just need to make some decisions, plan and prep ahead. Those little foil loaf pans work great for potatoes/veggies, just cover with extra foil. They're easier to stir and handle. We won't be backpacking so we'll be cooking over the fire. It's tempting to bring my little camping grill, but it may be fun to do this the old fashioned way over the campfire. We'll see how much fits in the car and/or how many other people will be sharing the fire for preparing meals. But it'll be fun to wow him with some steak, sweet potatoes & marinated veggies or something like that.

              pdovers - no worries, his PB&J and cereal are already on the list, I try very very hard not to bug him about his diet (even when his blood sugar crashes, sounds like you know how that goes...) He accepts I can't eat certain things and I simply try to ignore the carby processed foods he eats. At least he likes my cooking so I can make sure he eats something fresh every now and then.
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                Originally posted by onalark View Post
                Paleo biscuits ...
                what's your paleo biscuit recipe?


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                  Originally posted by Catherine View Post
                  what's your paleo biscuit recipe?

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                    Oh Yum. We did a great early June trip. Just used charcol gril. I did up roasted asparagus & grilled tri-tip. Pre marinate everything so it just sits it all that yummy juice.

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                      I did the grilled spice rubbed pork chops and carrots from the quick and easy PB cook book the other day and it was really good its not exactly a marinade but the prep would be pretty much the same as you would for your marinated meats on a camping trip.