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A nice article testing how to make "perfect" barbecued ribs

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  • A nice article testing how to make "perfect" barbecued ribs

    How to cook perfect barbecue ribs | Life and style | The Guardian

    The recipe she went for in the end isn't quite Primal eating (sugar and pre-made ketchup? No thanks!), but it's a nice run-down of various cooking styles, with plenty of links to recipes and methods.

    Plus, there's a shout-out to my favourite butcher, the Ginger Pig (The Ginger Pig > Welcome). Any Londoners out there, it's worth braving the crowds at Borough Market for this place alone, though they have a couple of other shops scattered around central London. The prices are understandably high if you're going for prime cuts, but they do very reasonable deal on top quality free-range eggs (3/dozen, and you get to pick them out of a basket yourself), bones and organ meat.

    And no, I'm not being paid to advertise them :P. They do good meats, it seems only fair to tell people about them!