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Dairy-free cheese alternative?

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  • Dairy-free cheese alternative?

    I suspect this will end up being a stupid question with no responses, but...

    Any suggestions on a dairy-free cheese alternative? Specifically for melting or for lasagne? I am making a paleo lasagne recipe this weekend, and really can't think of anything I could use to replace that gorgeous cheese taste/texture. Trying to convert someone to primal eating - if worse comes to worse I will just use cheese on theirs (they aren't so bad with dairy) and skip it on mine.

    But thought I would throw it out there!

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    what about the dried kraft parmesan in the canister? Does that count? We made the Everyday Paleo "Hasta La Vista, Pasta Lasagna" and sprinkled a little "farmer john" on top. Hubby was over the moon for it.
    --Trish (Bork)


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      Nutritional yeast can be a decent stand-in for parmesan, but you're pretty much SOL for a melting cheese (and Lord knows I've looked). Fake cheeses tend to be either made of soy or just...hydrogenated everything.


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        You can get a good "melty" type cheese immitation by blending raw cashews and nutritional yeast in hot water, but thickening the mixture usually requires a starch of some kind.
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          How about converting someone to primal by making him a STEAK? *drool*

          I think eating meat & veggies is much more appealing than trying to fake casserole replicas. Just me!
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            Ooh I hadn't thought of yeast....hmmm I might have a little play and see what I come up with. Thanks for the suggestions!

            I agree all the 'fake' cheeses are just big no-no's!

            Hahaha so true MamaGrok, and believe me I've done that too! I'm just trying to demonstrate that some of his 'comfort foods' can also be healthier, and probably more delicious!


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              bumping to see if anyone else has a nondairy melty paleo style cheese.