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Pork adobo with braised cabbage

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  • Pork adobo with braised cabbage

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    I could make a guess from the title and picture of this post but no recipe? No link?
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      1lb pork loin diced
      1 head garlic mashed
      6tbs coconut amino
      1tbs lard or coconut oil
      1 sm onoin chopped
      4 bay leaves
      1tbs black pepper
      I cup rice water (what's left after you rinse rice, it's an asian thing)
      6tbs vinegar
      2tbs fish sauce
      4 hard boiled eggs
      6 serrano chilies

      Marinate pork, garlic and coconut aminos for at least 1hr. Remove from fridge. Heat oil/lard and saute onion till translucent, then add pork in small amounts to brown all sides (you can all pork all at once but you end up just boiling instead of browning). Once browned pour in marinade and remaining garlic. Next add bay leaves, rice water, vinegar and fish sauce. Simmer 10-15min, add eggs and chilies then continue to simmer till eggs are heated through

      1 head cabbage shredded
      1 bunch scallions chopped
      2tsp pepper
      1tsp salt
      1c rice water

      Combine all ingredients and simmer till cabbage is wilted