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Ideas for kid-friendly 'snacky' foods

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  • Ideas for kid-friendly 'snacky' foods

    We homeschool, so we attend quite a few gatherings each week and since going primal it is so hard on my poor daughters to understand why they can't have the 'crunchy health-food store' snacks that my fellow homeschoolers bring to the functions. You know, things like those potato/soy veggie sticks, 'healthy' whole grain crackers, honey sesame sticks and such. And now that Halloween is coming we've got homeschool halloween parties.

    People tell me "oh, it's just this ONE time." Well this one time happens at least four times a week! So I can't give in.

    *sigh* we can't do nuts anymore really, not in any amount that would keep the munchies at bay for the girls because they cause intestinal issues with us, lol.

    My three year old is not picky, my five year old prefers tuna and applesauce, three meals a day, every day.

    I need things to substitute for everyone else's snacks they offer. Things that are enticing to preschoolers and kindergarteners so they won't feel so bummed about not having the crisps and crackers. I feel like we're constantly resorting to sliced cheese and olives as a distraction at these meetings because those both go over well.

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    We homeschool too! We mostly do olives, which I see you've done. (They like putting them on their fingers, then eating off the fingers. Whatever. ) Maybe dehydrate some fruits/veggies in the oven or a dehydrator? I don't know about your take on nuts/seeds, but Elana's Pantry has a ton of great recipes for things like almond flour crackers. My kids gobble those things up like crazy. (I just put things in snack bags.)
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      Fresh fruit and veggies. That's pretty much all we do for snacks. I homeschool too
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        I sometimes like to snack on pork rinds with tuna salad. I use the rinds to scoop it up.
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          We home school too and have a group we meet up with once a week and there is snack.

          I bring boiled eggs cut in half or quartered, fruit, veggies(like baby carrots), also cheese.
          Our group has simplified snack, we have fruit/veggie, protein and the only thing "bad" we eat is popcorn one of the moms makes every week.

          I let my kids have it, but it really is only once a week and they don't eat that much of it.

          Just bring something your kids can eat and remind them in the car on the way there why we don't eat grains and such. Maybe also feed them before hand so if they do eat some crackers they don't eat much.

          I am new to primal eating, just my 2 cents.

          Nice to see other home school parents here.
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            I was going to suggest a dehydrator as well. there are quite a few recipes that use applesauce as the base.


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              My dehydrator *JUST* arrived yesterday- this'll let me try it on for size!

              The girls have always loved those dehydrated then fried veggie chips you get at the bulk bins, I bet they would like homemade dehydrated (and not fried in canola) veggies.

              We bring hard boiled eggs everywhere but I think my five year old is getting sick of them.

              Can't do nuts because they give us gas (sorry TMI).

              I made those blueberry butter balls and my three year old loves them.

              All in all I guess most of my question is for my picky five year old! My girls like to stick the olives on their fingers too- they make them into puppets and carry on conversations.

              We do bring fresh fruit and vegetables but, you know, when you're five and you see a friend munching on a bowl of honey sesame sticks and you've got some carrots in your hand you think "gee wiz." We talk ALL the time about why we eat what we do and the girls are beginning to understand. Temptations though, you know. It's hard being a kid.

              I agree it's so nice to see other homeschooling parents here! Just IMO, homeschooling goes hand-in-hand with primal living. We shun the structured system!


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                I'm starting with these soon (in my previous comment I forgot a vital sentence... fruit roll ups in the dehydrator!). Maybe if the 5 yo knows that it's 'dried applesauce' that would work?


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                  I haven't tried it yet but want to make kale chips in the oven with olive oil and salt.
                  Could probably do then in the dehydrator as well.
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                  Our family has gone primal.


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                    Hmmm...fruit roll-ups look interesting. I'd have to get some of those sheets to go into the dehydrator. It's just straight-up applesauce, huh? How more simple can you get?

                    Not that I'd try this but I just had a funny thought. I wonder if anyone dehydrates eggs? Not meringue, but the whole egg, yolk and all? Wonder what it looks like.


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                      Hmm, do it. It might be cool, or gross.
                      I think I would have too much fun dehydrating things if I had a dehydrator.
                      Jodie~ Wife, Mother of two(7yrDD and 4yrDS), Home birthing,Homeschooling, Keeping Chickens in my backyard, and Getting Healthier!
                      Our family has gone primal.


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                        My 5 yo boy *loves* kale chips. EVOO and salt in the oven. 7 yo girl.... not so much.

                        But he also loves the 'all natural' dog biscuits at the local Farmer's Market, so..... take that as you may.
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                          Hi, there's a group I've been meeting with that's a mix of adults and children from babies to the elderly. No one is primal, so they all bring pretzels, potato chips, soda.... no real food.

                          These are the things I've brought with good success:
                          • Meatballs (meatballs!!!!!! you wouldn't believe how kids dive for it)
                          • Chorizo bites (Spicy pork sausage -whole meat, not ground- cut in bite-size, pan-fried, set on paper towels for fat to drain)
                          • Lunch-meat & cheese lettuce roll-ups (adults like it, because it's "diet food" in their eyes)
                          • Fresh fruit, ofcourse. This one is easy :-) If you can get it straight from the farm, or Whole Foods, instead of the supermarket, you know it's picked at the right time, and it's delicious, unlike supermarket fruit.
                          • Peeled hard boiled eggs (need to be kept cool, you could make plain or deviled)
                          • Cheese crisps (get some good cheddar or Parmesan, add some spices -or not- and crisp them in the oven. When you take them out, let them cool so they harden.)

                          The best thing about these, is that you don't have to make them specifically for the meetings. You can make these and have them around the house for your family to eat, and then when you have a meeting, just grab a bit of everything! So it's no extra work. I would also think that if your children eat the snacks at home, they would also eat them at the meeting because they're "familiar" with them.

                          Good luck!

                          I also bring iced mint tea. It's so sweet without sugar added. I just buy organic mint tea (there's really a difference in taste), it must be mint tea only, no peppermint, no black tea. Brew the tea stronger than suggested in the package. Let cool, keep in the fridge for 2-3 days.
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                            A young man that I know has been avidly eating any dried fruit I make in my dehydrator since he was a year old (he is now six). I have done apples, bananas, pears, strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches and pineapple. I used to bring him a baggie full but he would eat the whole thing without stopping. Apples were his top choice until I did pineapple. Every time I see him he asks if I brought any fruit. I now keep the dried fruit in the freezer just to keep me out of it. It tastes even better that way!
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                              what about making sweet potato chips? Just use a mandolin and cut them into circles, put some olive oil and sea salt on them and throw them into the oven until brown.

                              ps - what dehydrator do you guys use? Have you dehydrated your own meat? Always curious how well beef jerky would turn out.
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