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Bought rabbit - have questions!

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  • Bought rabbit - have questions!

    I was at an asian market yesterday, buying chicken & duck feet for my dogs, when I saw they had rabbit. So I impulsively bought one (not alive - already skinned, no head or feet). I figured I'd make something in the crockpot. But googling rabbit recipes has me confused. Are there different grades/sizes of rabbits? I've seen references to fryers, broilers, etc., but I have no idea how big they're supposed to be. Some recipes just say "quarter a rabbit...", and some say things like 2 or 3 pounds of rabbit meat. The one I got only weighs 1.15 lbs. with the bones & everything! Is this too small & scrawny? Is it meant for soup or something? The dogs might end up getting the rabbit, too, if I bought the wrong thing!

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    Hi, I've recently been learning about how to do rabbit. use my slow cooker (crock pot). But it seems anything that will cook it slowly will work. They can be pan fried, but I haven't tried that yet. I looked up a youtube video of how to cut it up, but ended up just getting the kitchen scissors and going for it. It's not hard to do. You end up with four leg pieces, and cut the 'saddle' in two also. Your rabbit may still have some offal inside (liver and kidney I think), throw then in the cooker with the rabbit too. It''ll all be small and picky, but that is just how they are. Pan fry the pieces, then put them in the cooker with your onions, celery, carrots, herbs (thyme I like), seasoning, bay leaves etc. I overcooked my first one, now I think that 2 - 4 hours is enough, depending on your cooker. You can also add tinned tomato for some initial liquid, and I pour some cream in at the end, delicious.

    Let me know how you go.


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      I eat a lot of rabbits (hares actually). I cook them in those plastic bags they sell for making pot roasts and such in. Just put your rabbit in the bag, season it how you like, throw in some celery, onions, carrots--whatever--and cook for 90min at 400 deg. Falls off the bone, but still has some chewy-ness to it. I find it's easy to overcook/dry out in a crock-pot. I like the higher temp of an oven with the steam in the bag. If you don't like cooking in plastic (I may re-think that in the future) they turn out OK cooked the same way in a covered glass dish--just messier.