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Omega ratios in Poulet Rouge chickens

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  • Omega ratios in Poulet Rouge chickens

    Does anyone have any hard facts about the Omega-6:3 ratios of "typical" grass-fed Poulet Rouge chicken.

    I made the Coconut Chicken Curry recipe out of the Primal Blueprint cookbook tonight for my wife and myself. Later on I was checking out the tool that Mark posted about in his latest post, and was shocked to see that it tallied my Omega-6:3 ratio for the day was 14:1!

    My wife and I try to eat as local and grass-fed as possible (practically all our land-based meats are local and grass-fed), and we've considered but want to avoid resorting to fish oil to get our Omega-3's to balance out bad ratios. We'd much rather turn to simpler, less processed means of getting our nutrients.

    Now, I know that Mark advocates tracking these kinds of stats on something longer than a weekly basis, so I use these tools more to learn about the foods I'm eating than to define my diet, but I'm dubious that my food entry for "Chicken, broilers or fryers" accurately represents the Omega values of what I ate tonight, as I suspect it more than likely represents your typical SAD/CAFO grocery store-bought prepackaged chicken. I've heard chicken tends to have the highest 6:3 ratios, but are these stats (roughly 10:1 to 15:1) representative of what I just ate?
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