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2 ingredient cake

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  • 2 ingredient cake

    You can make delicious chocolate cake with tow ingredients:

    100g - 150g Dark chocolate and one small egg.

    Melt the chocolate in a bowl.

    beat in the egg.

    Microwave for about 1- 1.5 mins.

    Viola! chocolate sponge CAKE

    Experiment with the amount of chocolate you use per egg, and the timings which work best for you.

    The darker the chocolate the less sugar in your cake.

    yes it has sugar, but in the context of very dark chocolate its a really easy treat to make once in a while.

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    I'm going to have to try this, I'm sure the kids would love it!


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      I will also have to give this a try. Sounds like a great replacement for my former occasional indulgement: the 1 Minute Cake Recipe (which is as far from primal as you can get).


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        Oh, myyyyy.
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          lol thanks let me know how it turns out or post some pics, like the one min cake recipe i usually just mix it in a mug

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            anyone try this yet? ill have to convert this and give it a go one day!
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              You might get a more fluffy cake by separating the eggs and beating the whites alone (add the yolks to the molten chocolate).


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                This is really amazing that cake can also be prepared only with two ingredients... I did not know about it before...!


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                  I have made this MANY times. I originally got the recipe from a low-carb recipe thread. here is the way I have successfully made this recipe:

                  2 Tbl of unsweetened Cocoa powder
                  1/2 Tsp of baking powder
                  1 Egg
                  Equivalent of 2 Tbl of sweetener, wet or dry, doesn't matter.

                  In a cereal bowl, mix dry ingredients together with a fork. Crack the egg on top. Kind of beat the egg in place until yolk and white are pretty well blended. Then begin mixing the egg into the dry ingredients. If you use a dry form of sweetener, you'll probably need to add 1 Tbl of water, cream, butter, something like that.

                  Microwave for about 1 minute. Until just set up, you don't want to overcook!


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                    Here's my first attempt at making this! Ramblings of an Unamused Mouse: 2-Ingredient "Cake"...First Attempt
                    Ramblings of an Unamused Mouse (Lots of Food Porn, Too!)


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                      Since ALL sweeteners are a trigger for me, I make myself a 'brownie' this way in a soup mug:

                      2T leftover brewed coffee with a dash of cinnemon + 2 heaping t unsweetened cocoa

                      micro for 35 sec. then mix well--add 1/3 cup egg whites (I don't use yolks because of inflammatory effect, but whole egg works).

                      micro for 2 min.

                      It's my 'treat' since I avoid all sweeteners but love chocolate.


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                        Sometimes you guys make IF'ing a huge pain in the ass.
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                          Ooh - just tried it, and it is nice. I used chocolate-covered cherries as my base, so my cake had cherries in it too. Yum.