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Simple steak and veggie recipe

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  • Simple steak and veggie recipe

    Last night I was craving steak (very common for me as I am totally carnivore) and came up with this:

    I always have sirloin in the freezer and I partially thawed it so I could cut it into thin strips. I covered it (12 oz worth for two servings) in blackening seasoning lots of garlic and some sea salt, and stir fried it in olive oil until just done on the outside. Then I took one zucchini and a whole purple onion and ran them through the spiralizer to make "noodles". I stir fried these in the meat juices until just crisp tender. It was actually quite tasty even as simple as it was. I suppose if you have a craving for a cheese steak you could also melt a touch of cheese on it before eating.
    I don't know how to upload the photo I took so I put it on as an attachment..... Hope you can see it.
    Just wanted to share!
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