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Did Grok clean his dishes?

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  • Did Grok clean his dishes?

    In primitive camps and settlements, sanitation is generally poor. Is this a major problem? I mean, meat sits out for a day or longer, and gets cooked in a pot that was basically licked clean and is housing bacterial colonies by the truckload. And, cooked, they die. Were those bacteria nutritious? Are we missing out by cleaning our frying pan too well?

    For the record, I gave up regular soap use years ago and just manually scrub everything under running water. I believe the toxic properties of soap are outweighed by the legitimate power of scrubbing. So I know I eat a lot of dead nook-and-cranny bacteria with every meal. And I'm okay with that. But does it have any impact?
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    I think a lot of this depends on the immunity systems of the people eating in those camps and kitchens. A lot of my work has been overseas often in places (3rd world countries) where letting the dogs lick the plates clean is about as sanitary as the other means used to clean the dishes. But I think that if you have a robust immunity system, your body deals with a few germs okay.

    I think a lot of American's immunity systems have become so compromised lousy diets, no exercise, overuse of antibiotics, etc that if everything isn't sterile, they are likely to get sick from stuff that in other countries, or the US 100 years ago, you wouldn't even notice.
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      Grok had dishes?

      Just kidding.

      I don't know - being with The Boyfriend has been a bit of an awakening for both of us. I was horrified when he wiped clean the cast iron pan and left the butter out on the counter. On the other hand, he doesn't trust the dishwasher to kill the bacteria.

      I think it depends on the food and the source of the food. I don't trust factory meat enough to do anything more than cook it medium rare (if that), not to mention letting it sit in the fridge for more than a day or two. If I knew the people that raised it, I'd probably be a lot less worried.

      I also think a little bacteria isn't always a bad thing. Sure, some are just downright lethal, but I don't try to isolate myself from germs by any means. And I'm rarely sick.


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        I have absolutely no aversion to leaving food out a day, or two even- except keeping the darn cats out of it.


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          I often wonder if the detergents we use to wash our dishes are evil.


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            If you have a robust immune system and balanced gut flora, I think frequent exposure to small amounts of bacteria is a good thing. Nature's vaccination program when the bacteria are hostile, and a free source of probiotics when they are benign.

            Whatever is left on your dishes is nothing compared to what lives on the average supermarket cart handle, elevator button, or gas pump. I wash with soap only rarely. I scrub my dishes with nothing but water and steel wool. I walk barefoot daily through a dog-trafficked urban neighborhood. Yet I've only been sick twice in the past two years, and those were upper respiratory infections incubated by my wife and baby.


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              Well, Timothy, I haven't had a cold since 1989.


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                Grok didn't have dishes.

                Or toilet paper.

                You do the math.


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                  Plenty of Groks had dishes.

                  Think Grok did the puppy-scoot?
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                    Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
                    Think Grok did the puppy-scoot?
                    Gotta love that mind picture!


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                      Hey guys I dropped my hotdog in a pile of homeless person poop while walking through the city today and instead of throwing the hotdog away I ate it because that's what Grok would have done.

                      Here is my question: The poop had a corn kernel in it and I ate it. Should I fast for 24 hours to purge?


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                        So I was sitting in my backyard completely naked filling my penis with vitamin D, and a bird pooped on my chest. I thought... "hey, Grok would have used this as natural suntan lotion, so it only makes sense right?"

                        So I did what any other sane person would do, I bought 5 parrots, harvested their poop, and bottled it for future sunbathings.

                        My question to you is this: Will the BPA in the bottle that contains my SPF150 Parrot Poop Blend give me cancer?


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                          I'm very concerned right now. I stopped taking showers in order to be more "Natural", but I've found I have a little bit of an issue. See, my 15 cats seems to find this attractrive and they just crowd around my testicles and lick them clean all day.

                          My question to you is this: I seem to have somehow acquired tons of peanut butter all around my scrotal area. Will I absorb the toxins from the legumes through my pores? Should I be concerned?


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                            rivvin, i'm a little concerned.......

                            .......bird poop has bacteria in it
                            yeah you are

                            Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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                              Rivvin needs a nap.
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