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Fermented coconut cream

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  • Fermented coconut cream

    So I opened a 1 litre carton of coconut cream any number of weeks ago, used a cup of it and poured the rest into a glass airtight jar and put it in the fridge. Somehow it got pushed right to the back of the shelf and I only rediscovered it today

    When I opened the jar it hissed like opening a bottle of coke and it continued to make a bubbling/fizzing sound.. So I'm guessing it's fermented, but it didn't smell bad and tasted ok... Any thoughts about how to / whether to use this?

    Now bear in mind that this cream in particular was really thick, almost solid & it's still the same texture now.
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    I sometimes leave it in the oven (pilot light keeps it about 80ish Fahrenheit, like a proofing oven) and it ferments quite readily. I kind of like the fizziness, although I haven't let it go for too long. More fermenting of things is always on the list of things to do but it never gets to the top.
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      I would drink it. In fact, I'm jealous.