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Christmas Potluck ideas

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  • Christmas Potluck ideas

    My office has in recent years downsized the huge holiday party to a potluck lunch in the office. I need to figure out what to bring and would appreciate any and all suggestions.

    Lunch will be a bit lean in terms of real food. Most people bring desert like items (easy to bring to the office and not so expensive) so there will be a bounty of cookies, cakes and pies. (ugh). I'd like to bring something non-Primals would enjoy. It will need to be served cold or at room temperature.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome!!
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    deviled eggs
    proscuitto stuffed peppers
    veggie/fruit platter
    cucumber and tuna canapes


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      I made a big caesar salad (with homemade dressing) for a potluck a while ago. I left off the standard croutons, added some high quality shredded parm to the top and also tossed in diced bacon to make it heartier. It was a huge hit.

      If you have a crockpot, that's another easy thing to take to the office. You could make a big pot of primal-friendly soup or chili the day before and then take it to work in the crockpot, plug it in, let it warm up, and you're good to go - just don't forget to bring bowls!


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        Thanks both of you! These are great ideas.
        I'm tempted to try a mixed platter of small bites because it's a relatively large office and we don't have a space for all of us to sit down so the lunch will be cocktail style juggling cups and plates. But a huge salad would like a LOT less work.
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          I made deviled eggs for my office's Thanksgiving potluck. Made them with homemade "Paleo" mayonnaise and bacon... they were a big hit. They were also the only items worth eating among the pies, cakeballs, pumpkin breads, etc.
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            I am already anticipating that I will be able to eat my dish, and at best 1-2 more. I plan to either eat a large breakfast (so I don't need food midday) or pack a lunch.
            Mmmm mmmm - I love devilked eggs. Now I just need to figure out how to make mayo ... successfully. Sigh
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              i recently made mayo successfully and unsuccessfully, so maybe i'm not the best person to give you tips. but the key difference between the soupy mayo and the thick mayo was how i drizzled the oil in with the eggs. so i started by blending the eggs, seasonings, and vinegar with my stick blender, and after blending for a little bit i VERY SLOWLY drizzled a little oil in. then i blended for 30 seconds or so and slowly continued to drizzle the rest of the oil in. it should take a minute or two at least to drizzle 1 cup of oil into the mixture. it should come out thick.
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