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    Just want to say "Congratulations" on going primal! I haven't met a person yet who was sorry they did and I hope you love it as much as I do. For a first day you're doing pretty well. I would guess that most of us transition to this life and make our share of mistakes and missteps (or maybe just outright cheating) on the way. I would echo what EvansMom said: more veggies and switch to coconut or almond milk. Nothing wrong with plain old (filtered) water, either. Oh, and watch out for bananas. They're not bad per se but high on the starch and sugar. If you don't need to lose weight, then it's less of an issue. Don't be afraid of fat and make sure it's good quality: grassfed butter i.e. Kerrygold, virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil (for low heat or dressings), rendered beef fat (grassfed, of course). That smoothie could have had a spoonful of coconut butter thrown in it to help it along. If you want the benefits of flax, buy ground sprouted flax seed. Once sprouted, it is much more digestible, shelf stable, and does not have the antinutrients commonly found in the unsprouted form.

    Remember that most nuts should be snack that you indulge in a few times a week. I should take my own advice here since I have a hard time not eating too many of them myself.

    Somewhere, Mark has a post on what he eats in a given day. One of his standbys is a "big ass salad" (usually with meat or fish on it). These are great because they can be packed to go or be an easy weeknight dinner. Plus, if you're creative, there are lots of possible variations on the theme.

    Happy hunting and gathering but most especially eating!


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      Seriously. READ. THE. BOOK.

      This forum will have you going in any number of directions all based on what worked for the individual posters. Really that is the point, and that's why you'll see a lot of reference to n=1 all over the place.

      The book lays it all out as a baseline that will set practically anyone on the right track. Once you are a few months in, and have a handle on what worked and what didn't, or can't figure out why something isn't working, then is a good time to get a critique on your diet IMO. Generally that's where most people are when they start doing things like leptin resets or carb refeeds or numerous other things.

      This is not a CW diet plan, we don't tip our life upside down on day 1 and expect that every day from now on is going to be like this. It simply does not work that way. I'd say eat more.

      If a meal for you before was 2 packets of processed crap and some flax milk, then I'd say that just by going to 1 packet of processed crap and a cup of fruit or vegetables would be an improvement.

      If you read and follow the book, you will be eating the right stuff. If you haven't read any of the books, I can tell you now that the primal diet is not what you think it is. If in a month's time nothing has happened at all, you can write it off as yet another diet that didn't work for you. But if you don't get the book, you can't honestly say you gave it your best shot. It will work for you if you give it your best effort. Also read ALL of the links under 'start here' on the home page.

      Good luck with your transformation, and welcome to the forums. Relax and have fun with it. Looking forward to seeing you on the success stories page.

      Disclaimers: I myself still have a long long way to go, and am by no means there. I'm just an average guy improving my life one day at a time.

      - I have no affiliation with Mark Sisson or the publisher of his book other than having had a positive experience following the advice contained therein.
      Live. Grow. Flourish.

      My Journal/story is at