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Home made Cayenne Pepper sauce

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  • Home made Cayenne Pepper sauce

    Not sure if this is primal but here goes. My first recipe post.

    Home Made Hot Sauce

    Slightly time consuming, but really simple.

    2lbs of fresh cayenne peppers (tops removed)

    3 Tbsp sea salt (or kosher)

    Add all peppers in food processor. Add salt. Puree until a liquid

    paste. Place all contents in mason jar. Place jar in a dark cool area

    for 3 days. After 3 Days, add 3 cups of white vinegar. You can add the

    mixture to a bowl and then mix well and then place in 2 mason jars or

    cut back on some of the vinegar to make it fit in one. Place the mason

    jar back into the dark cool area. I put mine in a root cellar. Leave

    undisturbed for 5 days. After 5 days, mix well, and pour through a

    sieve. You should have hot sauce. Trust me, this "aint no red Devil."

    Discard the solids, or keep them as a paste and use in some Asian




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    awesome! Got to try that.

    Sounds Primal to me. I guess some paleo guys shun peppers as new world foods of the nightshade family. And I guess someone will say at vinegar is a by product of carb fermentation etc. But I won't like to give them up. I also ascribe to the cayenne pepper as a medicine, I find a ginger and cayenne tea cure what ails you.

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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      It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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        Yeah, that's pretty much it. It's even good w/o the time to sit around. Peppers, salt, vinegar. Yum.

        I was going to try to leave it all in a glass jar with Jack Daniels Oak barrel smoking chips for a year or two like the McIlhenny's do. 'Cept they put the stuff into oak barrels, of course. I looked everywhere here (Sarasota, FL) and could not find any. They are anywhere in Denver, where I'm from. Not willing to pay eBay prices.

        The cayennes I used, I grew. Not too many. Never have seen them by the pound. Here are a couple more pepper tips:

        Find or grow jalepenos that are red. Smoke them slowly on your grill with wood of choice. I prefer apple, and crab apple is just as good!

        Dip a jalepeno in olive oil, grill. Yum yum.

        I bought some Scotch Bonnets mislabeled as Habaneros. Beautiful deep red, not like an Habanero. I am SO embarrassed to say that I couldn't even nibble this one. I froze them and use them here and there. Put two in a 13 oz jar of green olives and let them sit a week or two. Ditto Tabasco sauce, a few oz per jar.


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          Roasted habanero (seeds removed) ground together with homemade applesauce produces one heck of a sauce. Scotch Bonnets go well with it too. I'll try to dig up the recipe and post it.