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Freezing bacon...and other time-savers

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  • Freezing bacon...and other time-savers

    So, I discovered that I can cook a 40-oz package of bacon all at once (I use my George Foreman grill, which works great), and put it into a rectangular plastic container and freeze it. I take out a couple of slices, break them up (still frozen) and throw them in the pan with my eggs and cook together.

    I do this with sausage too: I cook a large amount all at once and freeze it to take out what's needed at the time.

    Saves me a ton of time in the morning. Any other Paleo time-savers you'd like to share?
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    I started freezing bacon a while ago, had no problems. I used my George F. grill to cook some ground beef patties and saved the drippings, then strained it to use to cook some lean stew meat. Both were grass fed. My mom used to keep all her bacon grease in an old coffee can. I usually just use a huge frying pan for bacon, but you gave me a good idea, to use George, and save the fat. I rarely use George since he has Teflon but, after reading recently about the browning process and the unhealthful effects of caramelizing, I may revisit my George F. It does a crappy job of browning lol. I used to use it for panini and croque monsieurs, but relegated it to the relative obscurity of the garage along with other now-obsolete appliances, like toaster, waffle iron, bread machine, pasta machine.

    Other things I do to save time is buy a very large quantity of free range chicken breasts and bake them all at once on a jelly roll pan. Then I freeze them on the same pan, then when solid put them in a ziplock. During the summer I bought two flats of tomatoes and sun dried them, then bagged and froze them. One batch I did with smokey paprika from Penzys. They are great for salads or just to add some flavor to a soup.

    Also we get a lot of butternut from our CSA. So when I have a bunch of those and M sick of eating it, I halve them, steam them, scoop out the flesh, run it through the foley food mill, and freeze in qt containers. Not much produce that I grow lasts long enough to freeze, but we bought a chest freezer for our meat and now that I have it I am seeing possibilities.

    In a former life I ran into women who were into once a month cooking. I was always too much of a food snob to eat frozen casseroles, but the technique does lend itself to primal meal planning. Our eating habits were primarily grilled steaks, chops, roasts etc. but those meats are not as tender or fatty in grass fed so I have been doing a lot more soups and stews. When I do make soups I always double up. One for the table and one for the freezer. I guess there is no reason not to triple or quadruple recipes, right?