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Pemmican From Ground Beef

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  • Pemmican From Ground Beef

    Hey guys!

    I am interested in making large batches of pemmican from ground beef if that's possible (only because I am under the belief that ground beef is the cheapest meat).

    My goal is to have a weekend once a month or two where I make a ton of pemmican for me to eat for most meals. I love the convenience of that all beef diet - not having to ever think about what I'm going to eat -supplemented with veggies here and there if I have to... but I am now involved with so many things that I don't always have the time to cook beef, and then I don't have a microwave to warm it up. The leftovers aren't as palatable, so I waste beef. Being a college student, I can't afford to waste anything! It would be so perfect to be able to whip out a strip of pemmican and eat it wherever I am. My local butcher shop sells 10lb bags of ground beef for $25, and if anyone knows how I could make pemmican from that, I would appreciate if you could share your tips!

    I should probably note that I have done the all beef "diet", and I feel great when doing it. I always mess up, though, because of the inconvenience. I wanted to mention this so no one thinks I'm delusional!
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    I would say you can probably make pemmican out of ground beef. You would need to dehydrate the ground beef like you would make any other meat into jerky and then make the pemmican. Maybe since it's already ground you wouldn't have to chop it up for the pemmican? I'd say buy a bit and try it!


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      I don't think ground beef would work..
      Here is a good pemmican PDF
      And instructions for a home made dehydrator
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        Don't you get tired of eating all beef? Because of a poultry project I operate, I have been eating between 10-15 eggs per day for a few months now. I'm starting to get really tired of eggs.


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          I also don't think ground beef would work well. The problem is that you need to dry the meat and render the fat. If you just dehydrate ground beef, you will have dried fat, which will turn rancid. You have to render the fat at a much higher temperature for it to be able to keep properly.


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            Ok, after having read those PDFs from Lex Rooker, I understand why it most likely couldn't be done... Interesting. Hopefully I'll get the chance to make that dehydrator and buy the ingredients with my next paycheck. Thank you, slowcooker, for supplying those PDFs for me!

            And PeaceCorpsCaveMan, I actually haven't successfully eaten strictly beef for much longer than 2 weeks at a time. During that time, though, I surprisingly don't mind eating only that. I find that it's nice that I don't have to wonder what I'm going to have for my next meal. Quitting smoking has been easier (even though I haven't completely quit yet) than quitting eating junk food because you must eat, therefore you have to think about it at least somewhat. If you give me an inch I take a mile. It's best if I just don't think about other options. That's my theory, anyway.
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