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    Made Moroccan Chicken (from PB Cookbook) last night. It was soooo good! I simmered it with the cauliflower rice (recipe from PB cookbok as well) and my guests LOVED it. (Didnt tell anyone it was a primal recipe for fear of the backlash and"eye rolling"). Made a double-batch figuring there would be leftovers for lunch today but there was not a drop left. This was the first recipe I tried from the cookbook (I am new at PB) and it was enlightening to realize that this totally natural, satisfying, and healthy meal was better than any non-primal meal I could have made. It was fun to try new spices and ingredients. Plus, I love to cook so the recipe showed me that I can still cook beautiful Primal meals, not just eat plain meat, veggies, etc. I highly recommend this recipe!