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  • Ground beef heart

    Anyone have any recipes for ground beef heart? My current plan for when I get it is to mix it with a bunch of spices and saute it with some veggies, pretty much the same thing I do for all ground meat. But, was just wondering if anyone else had some ideas for me to try.

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    Kofta? (ground, seasoned meat on a skewer)
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      We mixed it with regular ground beef, because we found flavor of the ground heart too strong for a burger.

      I also boiled a heart for several hours, added celery, carrots, onions and garlic. I made about a half a gallon of broth. It's still too flavorful for my taste, but the "hearty" flavor disappears when I mix it 50/50 with my regular beef broth.


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        Ground! Now that's an idea. I love heart ... I heart heart?

        Yeah, ground ... blended more to almost a slurry and packed into a chef's forming ring for burgers. That sounds good!

        "... needs more fish!"


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          We add heart to regular ground beef to hide the 'unusual' flavour for DH and kids who aren't used to it. They don't even notice I like to make chili with it as that also hides the stronger flavour pretty well... course, I need to tweak my chili recipe so that it is legume free ... kind of sad as that is one of the few ways that I really liked beans... oh well.
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            The flavor doesn't worry me to much, especially since, unless I'm making burgers (and I can't now that I currently have no grill...), I season ground meat a lot. Some salt, some black pepper, some nutmeg, some cinnamon..or scratch the cinnamon and nutmeg, and throw in some paprika, cayenne, chili powder...mmmmmm haha

            And Coll, real chili doesn't have legumes anyways, only fake chili does