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Seafood thingy needs a name

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  • Seafood thingy needs a name

    I recently bought the Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy cookbook but, looking it over today, realized I couldn't make much because I don't have many of the herbs, seasonings, and other ingredients. Time for a trip to the store.
    So, trying to think of what to do with some salmon and scallops, I grabbed a couple ideas from different recipes and threw them together somewhat randomly. I was sure it was going to be a disastrous experiment but it turned out not being bad at all, surprisingly. So I need to name it so I can put it in my recipe book for future cooking and tweaking.

    It's basically:
    cubed king salmon
    chopped scallions
    grated carrot
    shredded brussel sprouts

    ...all sauteed in coconut oil, lime juice, and fresh ground pepper.
    Since i was just wingin' it I can't give you any measurements. Adjust to your tastes, if you dare try it.

    Follow with a dessert of fresh kiwi fruit.

    I don't even like brussel sprouts but, as Mark says in one of his recipes, it's totally different when shredded and mixed with other things. And I was sure the carrot would not go with the coconut and lime but, for some reason, I really wanted carrot in my meal. It all came out better than expected.

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    That's a recipe, pal ... "some of this", "some of that", "pinch of this", "handful of that" ... that's primal eating.

    So, to the name ...

    It's got to be a melange of something, or other ...

    Melange of orbital and cubed seafood delights with a rainbow of vegetables.

    BTW, Brussels Sprouts fckn rule! Talk about a vitamin pill in real, natural form!

    "... needs more fish!"