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  • Creamed Coconut?!

    So I picked up 'Creamed Coconut' at a South Asian supermarket a while ago.

    It was rock-hard and came in a cardboard box. I'd never heard of it, even on Paleo blogs, and I was confused because in other languages on the box it was called "Coconut Cream", which sounded quite different. But the ingredients were 100% coconut, so I went for it.

    I tried it today and WOW
    Out of the fridge, the texture, appearance and density are exactly like chocolate. You could mistake it for white chocolate if it wasn't for a few coconut flakes. And it is delicious. None of the chalky or bland aftertaste canned coconut milk sometimes has - pure rich coconut taste in a nice, fatty form (it doesn't have the liquids of coconut milk, and retains solids unlike coconut oil). The brand I used is Island Sun btw


    I melted some shavings in the microwave and poured them over a few frozen raspberries, then dusted ground ginger all over - HEAVEN.
    Kind of like the reverse of the 'warm raspberries and vanilla ice-cream dessert'.

    Luckily, I am not a big fan of desserts, but if I feel like something sweet, tangy and reasonably filling, it's perfect.
    Next I am going to make a 'chocolate bar' as a little gift for my boyfriend - I'll pour melted Creamed coconut over frozen raspberries and let it harden in the fridge.

    Anyone uses this regularly?
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    I've been wanting to try both this and coconut cream, I haven't found them yet around where I live, may have to order online. Sounds delicious!


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      I love this stuff, also known as coconut butter. If you have a good food processor/blender, you can make your own. I did this the other day and it turned out great. You just dump a bag of unsweetened coconut into your machine (I used Let's Do Organic shredded), let it run for 10-12 minutes so the coconut can release its oils and bingo: homemade coconut cream/butter. I have a small processor, so I didn't let mine run constant, but kept stopping to scrap it down and mix it up.

      Like you, AngloPaleo, I drizzled some over fresh berries and this is now my new favorite dessert.

      I forgot to add the link to the recipe I followed:
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        Cream coconut is the product of coconut meat. When it's that thick, it means that it was squeezed out of the meat without adding any water. Coconut oil is the product of coconut cream after it is heated. The cream separates itself from the oil naturally during the process.


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          Creamed coconut makes good curry. You just heat up a little bit of water and melt in the creamed coconut and then you heat it with your choice of veggies and curry spices and meat, adding water to get the consistency you want. It comes out thicker and oilier than making curry with coconut milk. I've used coconut manna the same way and I think it might be the same thing as creamed coconut, or it might have a slightly different water or oil content. Either way, makes great curry.
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            I put a large spoon of Artisana's Coconut Cream in my black tea every morning,
            (Numi's organic Chinese Breakfast) along w/ a spoon of Manuka honey. Health in a bowl!


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              Using the creamed coconut instead of coconut milk in curry makes a HUGE difference to the taste, it is way nicer. In all honesty I sometimes just eat a stick of it as a snack, or break it up over some strawberries, lovely stuff!
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                I bought it once and had to send it down the drain, because I couldn't stop eating it Very yum!
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                  I made a great chocolate mousse with nothing but coconut cream and cocoa powder!


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                    That settles it. I am making coconut butter this weekend.
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