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Bone Broth Confusion???

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  • Bone Broth Confusion???

    I just did three large beef bones in water with spices and onions/garlic for about 30 hours. It is now cooled in the fridge. The big bones did not break down, but the mushy stuff in the center did. Should I keep cooking until the bones themselves break down?
    Do some bones break down and others not?
    Do I strain all the "stuff" and just go with a clear broth?
    It smelled delish and I would love to have some for breakfast, but not sure what to do?
    It seems such a waste to get rid of the onions and garlic and stuff.. do I puree it or do it like a soup?
    There was no froth to skim when they cooked..
    Do I throw the bones out now or do I freeze them and do it again with them some other time?
    I have some chicken bones waiting in the wings lol, so any help I can get would be great!!!!
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    The way I understand it you want the marrow (the mushy center stuff) and vitamins/collagen etc from the bones themselves. I would not expect the bones themselves to break down but the good stuff to cook out into the broth over the 30 hours. As such you should be good to go. As for the onions and garlic etc., I see no reason not to eat them. They will in no way detract from the good stuff from the bones. You could puree it or eat them with the pieces still large depending on preference or use a slotted spoon to get them out completely.

    As for reusing the bones, I am not sure how much 'good' is left in them after 30 hours. I guess you could use them again, but it would not be as optimal as fresh bones IMHO.


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      If your veggies have been stewing in broth for 30 hours, I'd just toss 'em. Any nutrients and vitamins will have gone into the broth, so there's really nothing of value left to gain by eating them.


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        The marrow is definitely worth keeping and eating. I'd toss the bones and veggies put the rest in the fridge.

        When I make soup I put half my veggies in onions in for the long slow cook. I save about half that I finely mince and add in after I strain out the bones and cooked veggies. Then I add in the remaining veggies and simmer for a short while. I also usually roast my beef bones for a bit before cooking and then eat the marrow before using the bones for stock.
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