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Help! 2-serving dessert recipe needed!

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  • Help! 2-serving dessert recipe needed!

    Preferences: no chocolate or cocoa, no almond flour, no nut butters (nuts are okay, though), preferably no dairy, something more complicated than just fruit, and preferably something that goes well with wine and/or goes well after an Asian-themed dinner.
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    Coconut mango sticky rice?
    Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango | Serious Eats : Recipes

    Glutinous rice?
    Chichi's Chinese: Glutinous Rice for Breakfast | Serious Eats

    It has red bean paste, so not strictly Primal

    Or just a coconut milk custard with optional fruit/whipped cream.


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      Meh, too easy. I made black sticky rice last time, so want to avoid something similar xD
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      Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


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        Blend brazil nuts, avocado, blueberries and raspberries. Makes a delicious rich creamy mouse. Got the Thumbs up from my non primal friends.

        I think the proportions were 20 brazil nuts, half large avocado, half punnet of blueberries and half of raspberries. Decorate with mint sprigs and leftover berris. Made small dessert for 4 or generous for 2.

        Or my other favourite

        Blend a cup of macadamia nuts, the juice of an orange and some drops of vanilla essence. Makes a very morish creamy pudding.

        I use a baby food blender to do these as it is small quantities.

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          a banana split with honey, coconut cream berries and a few nuts on top

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            What about a sorbet- maybe blend pineapple or mango with some coconut milk and a banana and freeze? Maybe float it in some rum?

            Or do like a strawberry sorbet and make floats with champagne?

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              I made black sticky rice last time


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                Coconut milk ice cream sundaes? (toppings: bacon, berries, chopped nuts)
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                  Not sure if this was mentioned but I saw a recipe for chocolate-avocado pudding. Can't taste the avocado apparently, used for consistency purposes. Haven't tried it myself though.


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                    No chocolate, dairy or nut butter? Honestly, without at least one of those ingredients, there's no dessert worth eating. Those three things are the very foundation of desserts. The only thing I'd be remotely interested in is coconut milk ice cream, but you're going to have to use thickeners to make it whip properly, at the very least gelatin, and it's going to be icy without cream. You could probably mash up very ripe bananas, whip them with coconut milk and melted gelatin and churn it in an ice cream maker while throwing in whole walnuts at the very end. Honestly, with all the good options removed, I'd probably rather eat pineapple or watermelon.

                    Unless you're actually willing to use tapioca starch and white rice flour. If that's the case, you can make pretty much anything awesome. A banana bread or gluten free pound cake would be perfectly acceptable. Hell, even coconut flour makes awesome banana bread. Or go balls to the wall and make apple pie. It turns out just fine with gluten free flour blends. Coconut milk ice cream is probably most appropriate since it's Asian themed, though. Coconut milk mango ice cream would go very, very will with Thai food.
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                      Banana Ice Cream
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                        This sounds interesting, if you could adapt the ice-cream recipe to use coconut milk/cream with gelatin in place of the milk and cream (though that might just be coconut overload):

                        BBC - Food - Recipes : Lemon grass ice cream with pineapple salsa and coconut macaroons

                        Alternatively, the salsa and macaroons might work well with the banana ice cream recipe suggested by magicmerl above.
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                          lol! Thank you for the ideas. I will try to make some ice cream next time with coconut milk. Is there a way to do it without an ice cream maker?

                          I like the avocado pudding ideas also. I've done the chocolate before and it's good, but I want to avoid anything cacao-related until I finish this cut xD
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